Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The dirty secrets of a housewife...

David is out of town on a short business trip.

He left this afternoon.

We miss him of course, when he is gone...except not for the first few days. I have to be honest. Mostly it's the quiet, but also it's how I simplify things.

When David is away we do things a little differently.

Dinner when David is here:

Real meal with meat, vegetable and starch eaten in the dining room.

Dinner when David is away:

Mac and cheese with a side of strawberries eaten in front of the TV.

Somehow when David is away everyone goes to bed earlier. Lily will be in bed by 7:30. Rebecca at 8:00.

It will be very quiet. I will practice being 72 years old. I will eat a bowl of popcorn while wearing my old lady nightgown and read a murder mystery.

I will go to bed at 10pm.

By the time he gets back on Friday I'll be so happy to see him. We'll throw our arms around him and welcome him home, but tonight I will enjoy the solitude.

In other news I just have to tell you what I found at TJMaxx today!

An apron. Yes, an apron.

I found it in the "Things I don't need but at 12.99 it's too cute to pass up" section.

Look at that pocket! And the ribbon! Did I mention that it was only 12.99?

It matches my kitchen!!!!

That's my entire story tonight. Shopping and going to bed early.

Even I wouldn't make it through this entire post...my lameness is vast. I'll do better tomorrow...maybe!


Bearly Sane said...

I love that solitude when my hubby goes away for a week twice a year. It's great being able to pig out on whatever one fancies at the time, get up and go to bed whenever, spend all day with a girlfriend shopping and not have to rush home. It does wonders for my soul!!
Mind you I miss him and am glad to see him home again.
Love your apron too, very pretty.
Oh before I go, I am having a giveaway if you'd like to pop by.

TJIC said...

With a subject line like "the dirty secrets of housewives", I predict an uptick in the number of unsavory website visitors... ;-)

Ginger said...

I love those times when the spouse is away and you have "me time". Like you said, no fancy dinners to fix, just kick back and watch tv or read. Time apart makes the time together so much better.

Pom Pom said...

I like your new apron!

David Duford said...

My wife hates it when I'm gone, but I think she does look forward to the comfort food that she says she "needs to get her through", like chinese food, white chocolate and such. Our two dogs might miss me, but they surely do relish taking my spot on the bed too! :)

Hey, even your self-described "lame" posts are entertaining:):)