Thursday, September 10, 2009


School started today.

Let me just say that again because it hasn't really sunken in yet.

School started today!

Here we are getting ready to walk to school.

I had lots of quiet today and I have to tell you that I am not used to going several hours in one day without having a completely insane conversation with Lily, or Rebecca giving me an excruciatingly detailed plot summary of The Warrior Kitty books.

To celebrate the first day of school I went to Global Thrift for a little bit of junking.

My goal was to find things that would bring an autumnal feel to my porch.

I really love this bag! The deeper red with the black stripe is giving me some ideas for fall colors on the porch. The green flowerpot was perfect.

Some people say that you can have too many gauzy red table clothes...

but they're wrong.

Now that the children are back at school I am taking a cold hard look at my house and making a list of things which must be done.

1. Clean out fridge. You don't even want to know. So shameful.
2. Clean and organize attic. Trying not to cry just thinking about it.
3. The Basement of Horror. I think it's been discussed here before.
4. Deal with the weed patch in the back yard and mulch the hell out of it.
5. Yank dead plants from window boxes and refill them with gourds and pumpkins.
6. Put pumpkins in front of house.
7. Finish scrapbook projects.
8. Decorate house facade from junk store.
9. Sand and repaint Rebecca's floor.
10. Touch up chipped/scratched paint on moldings.
11. Come up with some new menu ideas for dinner.

I am a little overwhelmed.

I may have to hit my super secret emergency chocolate stash...

Speaking of super secrets...I am planning a give-away tomorrow!


Lisa said...

OH! A giveaway! It's been a few since I won one from you so I should ok to win again! hehe Enjoy your chocolate!
Hugs, Lisa

David W. Padrusch said...

Dude! I ripped the kitchen apart before looking for chocolate! Tell me tell me tell me! Be your best friend. Wait...

Sara Padrusch said...

Dude! I am totally LMAO! If you come in from your office I'll share the goods. And dude, I am crazy about you...

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like you will be busy for quite some time - maybe all school year. Fun list!

Pom Pom said...

Are you really going to do those things? You should save your lists in the scrapbooks. Your "new" clogs look jazzy in the photo.

Pom Pom said...

Hi SP! Me, again. I passed on a blog award to you! Visit my blog today and accept if you have time! I always laugh when I read Shiny Red Houses. I especially like pug photos! xopp

Sullygirl2001 said...

I have some great menu ideas...let me know when you have a week to spare and I will share them ALL!
Seriously, simple dinners are my specialty and I have a bag full...always up for a good recipe swap, considering I've used a few of yours.

Saguaro Chick said...

So jealous you are going to school with sweaters on! I heard a rumor...and it better not be a dirty rumor only....that they may change going back to school for us to after Labor Day next year! I am looking into it....!!!!! We have wanted that for so long. My kids had outdoor PE one week outside wen it was 112 degrees and my kids came home with just about heat stroke. Luckily that never happened again, I was ready to go to the school and do battle if they did that again. Idiots. Total idiots.
Love those clogs peaking out! Those were a great find for sure. I am a scrapper too, have considered putting pages up on my blog. Do you thing anyone would be interested if I did that? Wanna come over and scrap with me?!!!!!

Anonymous said...

speaking of thrifting, I have a quest for you, should you choose to undertake it.

A dressmaker's dummy - you know, the kind you check fit on if you sew. Headless, armless, legless on a stick. Incredibly attractive.

IF you ever see one in your many travels and IF it's under $30 and IF you have room in your car and the desire....

Big Box of Chocolate Finders Fee.

Just sayin'. Use your powers for profit.

Anonymous said...

oops, not really Maya. Thea.

Amy said...

I spent two hours cleaning out my fridge yesterday. There was fungus in there rivaling the one in the backyard. I'm pleased to learn we share this, um, foible.

I too junked today. So-so. Mostly, I am mad at Global Thrift because they wanted to charge me 2.99!!! each for a couple of those shopping bags that cost $1 new at the store. I said, "they cost $1 new at the store", and she said "So do you want to buy them?". And I said , "Um, no?!", with all that punctuation in there. WTF?

mgster said...

What a cute picture of the three of you...and the pug! I hope the girls were half as happy about school starting as you were about them going! LOL