Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guest Blogger.

Good news people! We have a very special guest blogger today.

Meet Lily.

She wants to tell you about a project that her class did this week. It's called "Personality Bag".

The rest of this post is Lily's.

A personality bag is something, um, where you put five things in a bag. It doesn't have to be a bag if you're blogging. But it does have to be a bag when you um, bring it to school or something. You do it to tell people about you.

Here are my five things:

1. This is teddy.

I got him on my sixth birthday. I sleep with him every night. I cannot sleep without him. I love him.

2. Monkey.

This is my stuffed animal littlest pet shop but it is not little, it is big. It is my favorite kind of animal.

3. The Pink Panther Movie.

I like making up jokes about The Pink Panther movie like this, "I don't even own a mace." or something like this, "This is just a harmless pair of nunchucks?"

4. Ready Freddie, Help a Vampire is Coming!

Ready Freddie is my favorite book even though you know I only have one. I finished it in two nights.

5. Puglsey and his ball.

This is Pugsley and his ball. He likes to play a game where he has his ball, pushes it under furniture and we have to get it out. We get it out and throw it to him and he does it again and we keep having to do the same thing until we take it away from him.

In case you were wondering, Lily is wearing a knight costume. Pretty standard attire for Lily actually.


Julie said...

That was a good blog Lily! You are very diversified. Maybe your mom will let you have a dictionary for your second book if you don't know what 'diversified' means. :) Keep up the good work!

Cheryl Duford said...

Lily, is your teacher letting you bring Pugsley to school? Or just a picture? I love your personality bag and all the things you put in it.

Have fun sharing it with your friends.


Ginger said...

Great job, Lily. I like that idea of a personality bag. Have fun with it. Cute pictures of you!!

Lisa said...

Love it! What a great project! She did very well! Pugsly has you all trained very well! lol
Hugs, Lisa

Sullygirl2001 said...

We love Ready Freddy in our house...he's our Junie B Jones! Read the Thanksgiving book, you'll love it.
Our dog plays the same ball game and we have to take her ball away too.
You did a great job Lily! Hope you have a great day at school!
Jody (one of mom's grade/high schools friends)

Saguaro Chick said...

Great job Lily! We love the Pink Panther too!


mgster said...

Lily! You are one special girl! I love the things you picked. And I am such a fan of The Pink Panther movies. Good job, Lily! I really feel I know more about you and so must your classmates!