Friday, September 4, 2009


Today we arrived on the cape for one last beach extravaganza.

To be honest with you, I have had enough of the beach. I am ready to move onto acorns and pumpkins, but we are here and to the beach we will go. Except we won't go to this beach because people, there is an honest to goodness great white shark just waiting to eat people alive. Being afraid of sharks is one of my favorite fears. It's one I can indulge in without it actually affecting the quality of my life. Except for now. Because it will probably find it's way to Skaket Beach and eat my toes which would be sad since I just had a pedicure.

I am happy that Friday is finally here and with it a bit of vacation for our family.

David arrived home from his week long trip last night at around 8:15, just as I was receiving the call from my friend Lee who is our pug watcher that her son had become very allergic to the dogs, who I had dropped off earlier. Normally David would have stayed home with the girls and I would have gone to get the dogs, but David had to be at his second sleep study by 9:00.

So off we went. The girls were giddy to be out in the dark which should tell you a little something about our social lives. We arrived at Lee's, consoled Bradley, Lily's classmate who was so sad not to be able to watch the dogs, and started for home. We drove about five minutes before I realized that I had left my phone at Lee's. Back I went, retrieved the phone, and got everyone in the house and into bed by 10:00.

And all was so peaceful until my phone rang at 2:20am with a call from the alarm company that the alarm in David's office was going off and that the police were on their way.

I threw on some clothes, went outside and saw that not only was the door closed, it was locked. I opened it, looked around, turned off the alarm and waited for the police.

It's always sort of funny when the cops arrive for a false alarm. I waited out front, bleary in my pajamas and told him that it was a false alarm and that we didn't need him. "Are you sure?" he asked. I would ask too. Because for all he knows there's a maniac threatening to shoot me if I don't get rid of the cops.

Luckily there was no killer, just an idiot alarm system.

This has got to be be the most ridiculously rambling post of my entire blogging career.

Anyway, I got up this morning faced with the problem of finding a place for the pugs. Luckily the god of small dogs with pushed in faces intervened this week because on my regular dog walk I met Joanna, a dog walker and pug owner and get this- she boards pugs!

So the dogs are settled, we are here and I escaped my children for ninety minutes to get my nails done.

The best part is that David is with us and he brought me chocolate.

All is right with my world.


TwoBusy said...

From what I understand, it's actually five (5) sharks waiting to eat your toes. Here's hoping you didn't get the "sealskin gleam" pedicure.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the beloved sleep study. The electronic hair net, the wire down the leg, and the assistant informing you they will be behind the mirrored window video taping your every move. And if nature calls, you get to push the little button so someone can come in an disconnect you so you can go potty in an area that is hopefully off camera. Oh and lets not forget the stuffed spouse doll they provide. I tkank God my tests were done before the days of YouTube.

Ginger said...

I'm glad you found someone to watch the dogs and off to the beach you went. I wish I was at the beach this weekend too. Have a great time, and watch out for those sharks.

mgster said...

You know you really do live an exciting life. Well, by my standards anyhow! Sharks on the Cape...police at your house. Maybe this is really why I don't have a blog yet. What am I going to write I went to Shoprite. Oh yeah, and I had a good idea for a bulletin board for my classroom. But, hey, my daughter did get engaged last that WAS pretty exciting! But the real thing is that you are such a talented writer that you could write a whole paragraph about, say, your mailman's socks...and it would be fascinating and funny! Okay, that's the end of my compliments. I wouldn't want your head to get too big! LOL

Lisa said...

What a happy ending! Have fun at the beach!
Hugs, Lisa