Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If you don't have grips, you're going to have slips...

When my children were younger they would sometimes start running laps through the dining room, living room and kitchen in their stocking feet. (Who says "stocking feet"? So weird.) Seeing disaster, visualizing the blood and trip to the emergency room, I would make them wear socks with rubber grips on them.

It worked great. They rarely slipped and crashed into furniture.

All of this knowledge however, did not prevent me from being completely stupid.

This morning in the usual rush to get Lily to school I put on my new socks (from TJMaxx) and rushed into the kitchen to grab my keys, shoes and coffee. I was feeling particularly buoyant because my dentist office had just called to cancel my appointment for a cavity filling that was scheduled for today. They were so apologetic. I told them they had just improved my day tremendously.

As I rushed into the kitchen my feet hit the floor and a very strange thing happened. I slipped and began to fall.

When you are 37 years old and you find yourself falling it seems to take a very long time.

I lost my footing and it seemed as though I twisted my body in at least a dozen ways as I attempted to regain my balance.

As I was struggling not to fall I realized that I was indeed going to fall all the way down. There would be no grabbing the counter or last minute save. Nope, I was going down and down I went.

Luckily I fell on my ass, which is by far the most well padded body part I have.

The crash was huge and the children were very concerned. Mommies aren't supposed to fall down and yet there I was sitting on the floor trying to regain my dignity.

Luckily I was not injured, but man, am I sore. My hip is sore. So is the side of my foot. My back isn't feeling so great either.

The most incredible thing is that all of this happened before eight o'clock this morning!

Luckily I know just the thing to do when you fall on your butt in your stocking feet at 7:45 am. You make chocolate chip cookies. They helped. They provided a balm to my wounds, an extra layer of padding to protect my delicate bones.

Chocolate heals all wounds, even the wounds on heels.


Deckside Thoughts said...

You're so clever to remember that chocolate is the cure for everything, even puns.

One must not resist the inevitability of the floor rising to meet the buttocks. One must learn to go with the fall. Otherwise, one is out of harmony with life.

Gravity works...

Ginger said...

Sara, I feel your pain. I've fallen so much in the past few years, and luckily have never broken anything. It's a scary feeling when you know you are going down and there's nothing to grab hold of. Glad you weren't seriously hurt, and I'll remember chocolate the next time I fall!! lol

Pom Pom said...

What a super star mom you are to require socks with grips. Funny!
I love the word buoyant.

Amy said...

nice pun. and an excellent description of the falling-on-your-ass process.

"buoyant" is one of our vocabulary words this week.

Rose said...

I say stocking feet! Just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed perusing it.

David Duford said...

The only major falls I've taken the past couple of years have been while walking (okay being dragged by) the dogs in the winter, and slipping on ice. Even though my butt is quite well-padded, I always seem to fall on my side, which is much more painful!

Great post Sara, you have a way with words, and chocolate chip cookies work for so many ailments, there should be a book: "chocolate chip cookies for everything else" You know, like "chicken soup for the soul"? Okay, bad idea, I'll shut up now.

mgster said...

Glad you were not seriously hurt! The older you get the harder you fall, I hope you know. I don't mean to be smiling, but when you described how you fell and twisted your body in 12 different ways...I could picture you going down in slow motion. Those of us who live in cold areas are so very careful when walking on the snow and ice, but it's those darn slippery floors that get us in the end...well, it did get YOU on your END! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yeah, we've definitely reached the age (me more than you, at age 45), where you feel those falls for a long time. But chocolate chip cookies will cure what ails you, so you should be fine in no time. Smart girl!