Sunday, September 20, 2009

Junking and exploring...

Yesterday David and I took the girls up to Concord, NH. We were meeting my folks so that we could take my grandmother out to lunch for her birthday.

Here she is with Rebecca and Lily.

Guess how old she is?

87. This woman in 87.

Please god let me age even half as well.

After lunch at Newicks, I sweet-talked my fine husband into stopping at Goodwill. It was such a nice store! Well organized and full of great junk!

First Lily found this dress.

I also found these.

I have always loved these strawberry glasses and now they are mine!

Red patent leather- need I say more?

David did not actually enjoy Goodwill that much.

Then the fun continued as we explored Main Street in Concord.

You know how in movies you sometimes see Main Streets with sweet streetlights, charming shops and restaurants. Concord NH has all of those things.

First we stopped at a local bookshop.

At Gibson's Bookstore I further indulged Rebecca's obsession with the Warrior Kitty series.

Then I bribed my family.

I told them that if they came with me to an antique mall we could go to a pastry shop after.

They agreed and off we went to the Concord Antiques Gallery.

Would you like a tour?

This display made me reconsider my entire decorating scene for a few minutes. All cream, white and black. So soothing, so refined.

It was so lovely!

My family had had enough, so they were very happy when we arrived at Bread and Chocolate.

There were so many yummy things to chose from!

After we made our selections we packed out tired selves back in the car and headed home.

Family, junk and chocolate- a perfect day!


Lisa said...

OMG! YOu must have had the best time! Happy Birthday to your Grandmother! She is the same age as my grand parents!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Your granny DOES NOT look 87. WOW!

mgster said...

WHAT! She is 87??? Are you kidding me! Are you sure? Have you seen her birth certificate? Okay...what the heck is her secret? Not kidding...she looks 65 at the most. And you have her genes, you lucky woman!

Hahaha...I think Goodwill should run that picture of David in their ads. Then people would stop shopping there and I could get a bargain once in a while! Every one gets great things at their Goodwill...mine is so bad! And dirty. Really, really dirty!

Sarah A. said...

Hello! I just found your blog after doing a "homeschool" search on Twitter. First of all, red + aqua love! Second, I am now desperate to go to that antiques made my jaw drop! How can one place have so many lovely things? Drool. Finally, congrats on your decision to home wishes to you! I hope you all have a lot of fun. We started last January and we truly love it.