Sunday, September 6, 2009

Whale watch of death...

When we arrived at Provincetown this morning for our whale watch it was 66 degrees. And windy. Like 15 miles an hour windy.

I began to have misgivings, but being a brave mother I put on another sweater and got in line to check-in at the whale watch place.

The young couple in line in front of me were doomed.

The attractive couple had on short sleeved shirts and shorts. After a few minutes of standing in the cold the woman put on a light sweatshirt and shyly asked her boyfriend if he wanted her to go to the car to get his long-sleeved shirt. At first he poo-pooed her, but finally agreed. As she walked back to their car, the boyfriend walked up to the counter.

I overheard the whale watch ticket agent say, "This ride will require motion-sickness medication. The seas are extremely rough." The boyfriend asked what the medication was and if they have it on board.

"Yes, we sell it on board. Are you sure you still want to go?" the ticket agent asked.

Do you know what that idiot man did? He said, "Yes, I still want to go."

He must hate his girlfriend, because he just signed her up for a three hour barf fest. Not just any old barf fest either- a really cold barf fest. I bet she deleted his number from her phone. After what he did I bet she moved to another state and changed her name.

I watched him walk off in search of his girlfriend and stepped up to the counter.

The ticket agent, knowing that I had overheard his warnings to the last customer, asked, "Do you still want to go on? It ain't going to be pretty."

"No!" I yelped.

"You're smart" he said. "It's going to be bad out there."

I thanked him for his candor and merrily skipped away, happy in the knowledge that not only was I not going to die on the boat, now I could go shopping instead! Sometimes the universe intervenes and gently pushes you away from the whale watch of death and towards the mall, home of skee ball, the food court and the joys of retail therapy.


Ginger said...

I am so happy you got out of that adventure. That is cool that the ticket seller was so honest. Don't you wish though, you were a fly on the wall to see how it all turned out with the couple in front of you?

Anonymous said...

There is a chance that you might have a former New Englander reader that has access to North Atlantic sea conditions data. Is this the story you're going to stick with?

Anonymous said...

Ah, but the question is.... did the rest of the family bravely face the elements?

Sara Padrusch said...

None of us went on the boat, and yes, I stand by my weatherological statements.

Julie said...

Sounds like good karma for being up in the middle of the night with the alarm fiasco. I give you one gold karma star. Good Job! What's the next adventure you're not going to go on?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the whale watch ticket agent used to work at Six Flags but was fired for embellishing.

mgster said...

You should have gone back to see the ship when it came back in! How cool it would have been for all of us to be able to see those green faces slowly dragging their sorry butts off that ship! What a picture that would have been. We've taken the whale watch out of Plimoth twice. Once we had a great voyage...calm seas and plenty of whales. The second time lots of whales, but I was too busy sharing the rest room with another lady to enjoy them. I am ashamed to say this but at one time she beat me to the stall and I had to lose what was left of my breakfast in the sink. (Hope no one is eating while reading this). I will never forget that trip. And I still wonder why it was just the two of us so sick that day. My family was queasy...but I was near death! Yup, my whale watching days are over.

Lisa said...

As I am laughing out loud about the barf fest my nephew asks why I'm laughing. Of course a 4 yr old thought "barf fest" was funny! So glad you had a great day of shopping. I'm sure it wasn't 2 sweaters cold at least!
Hugs, Lisa