Saturday, September 26, 2009

Had myself a ball in a small town...

This weekend was very special because with it brought Town Night and Town Day.

We had been waiting weeks for Town Night. Town Night is held in a large field across from the local Boys and Girls Club. There are pony rides, a train ride, face painting and a bounce house. The most highly anticipated events of Town Night are the dog show and fireworks.

The girls have been eagerly awaiting Town Night because this year we entered the pugs in the dog show.

We put them in costumes.

I tried to get a better picture of them but they weren't really cooperating. Sophie kept trying to shake her dragon hood off and Pugsley, well, I suspect Pugsley was too consumed with the shame of being dressed as a lady bug to try to get out of his costume.

Luckily the costume contest was first. Guess what?

They won third place! Rebecca and Lily were thrilled. In fact they are still talking about it and each are trying to claim ultimate possession of the ribbon.

After the dog show we released the dogs from the misery of their costumes and waited for the fireworks. You know what is splendid about fireworks at the end of September? They start at 7:30 and everyone is home by 8:15. We sat with some good friends and I was warmed by the sweet delight of living in a small town. Over the course of the evening we ran into so many good friends, some of whom we see often and others whom we run into only occasionally. Each hello and hug felt like home to me and I loved it all.

This morning we headed to Massachusetts Avenue, the very same Massachusetts Avenue where Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride.

In honor of Town Day Mass Ave. is closed to traffic and all of the local businesses, restaurants, schools and organizations set up booths to promote themselves and say hello to the community.

First Rebecca and Lily decorated free cookies. Two wonderful words. Free. Cookie.


There were many many things which my children begged me to buy for them.

Check out these flowers.

They are made out of corn starch!

The children begged for these crowns and tutus.

Lily got her face painted.

Some lunatic woman tried to convince me that I should let my kids get lizards.

Because that's exactly what my house needs. I shooed my kids away from there speedy quick!

These puppets were cute...

but Rebecca spent the bulk of her begging on these marionettes.

She stood by them for so long she ended up getting her picture taken by a newspaper photographer.

I distracted her from the marionettes by suggesting that she draw a picture of our house to enter into a contest.

And then, just like that, the moment I had been waiting for had arrived....

The number one reason to attend Town Day....

Sausage and peppers. Perfection. Bliss. Magic. Heart attack. Forget that last one. I only allow myself this delight once a year because I fear if I ate them more often I would become addicted. I'd eat them everyday. Then I'd need a muumuu. Maybe it would be worth it...

And with that culinary delight another Town Day ended. We came home tired but well fed and still basking in the glow of being a part of a small town.


Lisa said...

What a fun time! Sorry Pugsly had to be a ladybug! Hope he is ok since he won a ribbon! It is fun to do these things!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl Duford said...

Small town life is just...inexorable. Your pictures go a long way towards giving the feel of what it is like. Sometimes I miss it. What I do know is that Town Days and Town Nights are made enchanting by children. Thank you for sharing that viewpoint.

Love, C

Pom Pom said...

Way to go, Padrusch Pugs! You have such a cool heart - loving all the people-y greetings and connections. Small towns ARE so special - I sometimes miss my childhood small town, but other times I like the privacy of a big city! Lizards! YIKES! And that yummy sausage miracle - give me some of THAT!

Amy said...

Congrats--you totally deserved 1st prize. What could possibly top a pug-dragon-ladybug combo?!

We broke down and got a Town-day lizard a couple of years ago. It was that really hot one? My brains were scrambled, like an egg on the sidewalk? Yeah, so, Steve. He actually was cute, and blessedly short-lived.

Anonymous said...

OMG I adore the dragon pug costume! You seriously need to market these. Maybe enlist a sewing herd of lizards for production! - Ms. TT