Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shiny Red Painting Project: House Facade!

Remember when I bought this on the day that I found the dead bird in the bathroom exhaust vent?

Yesterday I finally got to work on redoing it. I wanted it to be the same colors as my house so I just used the exterior house paint that was left over from when we had our house painted.

I am really happy with how it came out! Can you tell that the windows are lit? There is a string of fairy lights behind the curtains in the windows.

It's autumn in my play house and my real house!

All this getting ready for autumn has Sophie all tuckered out!

I hope that where ever you are you're not too far away from a cup of warm cider and a round orange pumpkin!


~~Carol~~ said...

Fall is busting out all over there! Your extreme makeover of your dollhouse is great. Love the red door! None of my dollhouses have a front door. Weird. And I am lusting after that metal picnic basket!

Lisa said...

Oh I love your fall stuff! Pumpkins are my favorites! Your Christmas one is super!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Your house is so cute - so homey!

Anonymous said...

I love your little house makeover. Sweet. xoxo Mari

ps I love Cider and Doughnuts.