Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today we took the kids to Fairies in the Park, an event run by Su Eaton of Magical Creations.

It was so lovely.

There were girls dressed with fairy wings everywhere!

One table had supplies for making fairy wands.

At another table girls could learn their fairy name using a magic wand.

Lily, Rebecca and a friend are working on a fairy house.

They ended up making it in a small fairy pool.

There was an area underneath a canopy for tea parties!

Lily had never had iced tea before.

Rebecca made this sparkly crown.

I love this fairy.

David decided to get in on the act!

There was a fairy shop too!

We absolutely loved it! I especially loved that my girls so easily dove into the fantasy and were able to completely embrace the magic of the event.

Thank you so much Su for creating something so perfect!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Looks like a completely magical day.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned I want to move in with you all? I want a fairy day too! :) - Ms. TT

Sullygirl2001 said...

I love David in wings and hope you got a set too! What a great event...things like that make me wish I had a girl to do things like that with. Danny and I marched in West Milfords 175th Anniversary parade yesterday then I tried to get our faces painted and he wanted to drive gold balls...I guess we all have our crosses to bear!

Lisa said...

Wonderful! I know it was just magical!
Hugs, Lisa