Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What do normal people do?


When I get home from a trip I lug all of my luggage in the house, check through the pile of mail and unpack.

I put away the luggage and start laundry.

I dust bust the stairs and any corners where animal fur and dust have created an unholy union.

I sort through the fridge tossing anything that swears at me.

This is the part where I think that I might be abnormal.

I start rearranging things.

Today I took down anything with a summer feel to it and hauled out my fall decor.

At some point I realized that I hadn't eaten lunch so I munched on tortilla chips and salsa while festooning my home with fall leaves, pumpkins and bronze colored knick knacks.

I got home at noon. By three o'clock there was no evidence that we had been on a trip and the decor had been refreshed.

By four o'clock I dropped Lily off at dance class and headed over to Joanne Fabric for some additional autumnal hoo-hass.

What do you guys do? Do you leave the luggage out for a few days? Start the laundry the next day?

Am I "Isn't she just a little bundle of energy?" crazy or "She's out of her mind!" crazy!



Amy said...

Hilarious! Me, I skip the boring stuff and go straight to rearranging the furniture. I'm not even joking--I still have a suitcase full of dirty laundry sitting in the front hall since yesterday, but I have already (starting at 8:00 last night) implemented the new arrangement that my SIL helped me dream up over vacation. If you're crazy, then I'm a crazy slob.

Anonymous said...

Gotta do the laundry - no question. I always try to change the sheets the night before we leave, so they're "mostly" fresh and ready for us.

Someone, usually me, will make a grocery run for a few odds and ends.

I've never come home and re-arranged anything - yet~

Lisa said...

Oh that sounds like me. I cannot go to bed unless all is in it's place. And if that means rearranging the house so be it!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I look at my house with fresh eyes and start tossing things out! We had a mega yard sale Monday because I just had to get it all out. Start fresh.

It of course looks like a train wreck for a few days. But after I feel so much better.

But you know, I am in awe of your switch to seasonal decor. It's so, dare I say, Martha Stewart.

Lots of love,


Saguaro Chick said...

Before I leave for a trip I always have the house in good order, especially the kitchen, because I do NOT want to walk in the door exhausted from traveling and then have to clean anything. That being said, with everything in good order beforehand, I often start rearranging stuff before laundry once I get home. It happens often after a trip. I think it is because I come home from trips regenerated and inspired by things I have seen on the trip and from other homes I have had the pleasure of visiting, when I walk in the door I have to just start changing things. Change is always good. Good for the soul. Plus....I despise doing the laundry. I put it off as loooooooong as possible! Rearranging is much more fun....

Piecefulafternoon said...

Laundry first - because I have left the house in spic and span order before leaving, so I don't want it cluttered up with thoughts of waiting laundry. I don't necessarily re-arrange - maybe I just sit and enjoy some tea and stitching and the joy of being home and seeing my wonderful house again.

As to your crazy question - I believe we are all a bit touched - so one crazy is as good as the next, as far as I am concerned. :-)

Julie said...

I definitely do the laundry. Can't have gross smelly laundry. Takes away from the "refreshed" feel of being away on a trip. I second having the house very clean before leaving so as not to come home to a pig sty. But I don't go to the store or run errands the day of returning.

Anonymous said...

Umm. Though unpacked, our luggage is still out in our bedroom from our trip to West Virginia several months ago. We're not sure where to store it. Perhaps it's because we have a condo. The mail is my priority. I sort according to junk, fun, and bills. After mail the priority is making up with the cats, assuming they're not traumatized from not seeing us every day. Laundry is done when we start running low on things. Your world sounds nice, and clean. Redecorating is not part of coming home for me. -Ms. TT

mgster said...

It all depends on what time I get home. If it's early in the day then I unpack and do laundry right away. I cannot stand to see suitcases sitting around. If it's late in the evening then laundry sits until the next day. The mail is a top priority! You would think I get really important mail...I don't. When we came back from this summer's vacation a Jury Duty letter was at the top of the stack. With MY name on it...not my husband's! I actually said a swear word.

Ginger said...

You just have so much energy!!!