Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is over...

Thank god, because I could not stand one more day of sand, sunscreen and damp towels.

I have no idea what we did today because I was too busy being irritated by my children to notice.

That's not the complete truth actually.

Before I tell you the complete truth, first I must tell you that we watched both Pink Panther movies starring Steve Martin this week. You know what I have discovered? There is almost nothing funnier to my family than a bad fake french accent. Even as I type this I am hearing it in my head with the accent of Inspector Jacques Clouseau and I swear to you it improves the quality of this post by at least 37%.

Want to see why my children were on my last good nerve?

We took those little wretches to the cove, a place my family has been visiting since I was a child. When I was a kid it had the usual array of sea life like crabs and fish, as well as star fish and sea urchins. The star fish and sea urchins are gone. (Say "gone" like Clouseau. See I told you- improved quality.)

Here is a picture of Lily.

Do I need to say more?

We did get a smile out of this scallop.

Probably because I did not birth it.

David saved this day because he took Lily to play mini-golf and bowling. Rebecca stayed home and quietly did some crafts and I continued to work on my autumn inspiration book. It's almost done.

We are going home tomorrow, but guess what? School does not start until Thursday! Mon Dieu!

Tomorrow we'll drive home and get the dogs from the dog sitter, who has been treating them like royalty, even letting them sleep with her and her pug Tess every night.

Then I'll unpack, do laundry and dust bust animal fur from my staircase. How do I know it's there? I just do.

Soon our lives will return to a school year frenzy, but for now I have seen enough of the filthy harlot summer.


Lisa said...

Well glad you survived! It is funny how you can have too much fun! Enjoy the start of school!
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

LOL that is funny. Lily does not look like a happy camper, but the sea scallop sure does.
It seems weird to me that school starts on a Thurs. instead of a Monday. Our schools here did the same thing.
Well, glad you made it through summer and I've enjoyed all the stories you've told about it. Looking forward to school stories...

Julie said...

Sacre Bleu @ wretches! PMS already?

mgster said...

Fall...beautiful FALL! Don't get mad, but I think that picture of Lily and her dad is just beautiful. One of those pictures that you will look at in years to come and totally remember her mood that day. Your husband has that "but daddy loves you" look. I just think it's sweet. And, yes, summer is officially over because we picked apples on Sunday.

Jean said...

Oh Sara, You are a hoot and I so enjoy your posts. I remember those days when you thought school would never start, but it does and then winter comes and we are a wishing for summer once more. I for one love autumn except for the leaf raking. There is just something about Fall that makes me feel great except for the leaf raking. Do I need to tell you that raking up hundreds of bags of leaves is NOT my favorite thing? I guess it is the price you pay for wonderful trees. You have a great day.
Jean in Virginia