Thursday, August 13, 2009

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times...

The good news is that when my mother arrived this morning my house was clean.

The bad news is that their flight was delayed and they were very tired when they arrived.

In other bad news, or more specifically, idiot parenting news, the girls and I watched "The Mummy" this afternoon. "The Mummy" is a silly movie, with a weak script, a ridiculous plot and a serious Indiana Jones inferiority complex. It does have one thing which saved it. The very yummy Brendan Fraser who is my new pretend boyfriend.

Lily and Rebecca also agreed that he is adorable. He is our cup of tea.

Know what that movie does not have going for it? Flesh eating scarab beetles. Said flesh eating scarab beetles are the reason that Lily is in bed with a light on, a picture of me and a bracelet with special evil repelling powers.

The mummy didn't frighten her particularly. There was nothing very frightening about him.

Those swarming beetles though...

Tomorrow is the last day of camp for the girls. Rebecca is a bit weepy. She has been so happy, so blissful these six weeks of camp. Those of you with kids can understand what an amazing feeling it is to see your child completely in their element. I've sometimes described it as an emotion on the relief spectrum. It is such an exaggerated feeling of relief at seeing them so happy that it is almost impossible to recognize it as such.

Guess what? I just googled "flesh eating scarab beetles"! Good news! They don't exist and never have. Phew! Can't wait to tell Lily...

Is this the most discombobulated post ever? Yes

Do I owe you guys a ton of emails? Why yes.

Guess who just got into bed with me to escape flesh eating scarab beetles? Lily.

Guess who will not be sneaking ice cream after the kids go to bed? Me.


Lisa said...

Already had my ice cream! Sorry Lily is upset by the movie. You just never know when it will upset them.
Good Luck!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Camp for six weeks? What kind of camp?
The Mummy. That's funny.

Karen said...

I first saw Brendan Fraser in "Journey to the Center of the Earth," which was really exciting and not too scary. I loved it! And he was very charming in it.

Anonymous said...

I know you're a Red Sox fan. However, the Turkey Hill Pinstripe Brownie cream whatnot is sooo good.... I shared a spoon of it with my hubby (also a Sox fan of course) and even he said it was "okay." That's a ringing endorsement from my hubby! Keep in mind he knew it was pinstripe's ice cream. Seriously, try it. :) - Ms TT

Ginger said...

Glad your mom and her beau arrived safely, even though their flight was delayed.
I've never watched too many scary movies...I still cringe when I see Psycho (I think I spelled it wrong).
Have a good visit with mom.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Brendan Fraser. Hmmm.....

Oh - sorry. I was distracted for a moment.

What was I saying?

Have fun with your family, glad they arrived safely.

(I think that's what I was going to say - or maybe something else about Brendan Fraser...)

Have a great weekend!


~~Carol~~ said...

Ok, you can have Brendan Fraser. My pretend boyfriend is Christian Bale. He's a hothead, but a hottie too.
Hey, the scarab beetles was the best part of that movie! Other than Brendan Fraser, your boyfriend.

~~Carol~~ said...

Sara, I've given you an award! Please don't feel obligated to do anything! At first, I wanted no part of this type of thing, but now I've won my first, and I've let the excitement take over my better judgment! I am passing it on to blogs that make me happy, and yours certainly does! Again, no obligation. Just look at it as a thank you for all the belly laughs you've given me!