Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fat and dirty.

It was a tough day to be a pug here at Shiny Red Houses.

Both dogs needed some shots and Sophie got a full check-up.

As soon as we walked in the door of the vet's Pugsley started shedding. His tail drooped and he began panting nervously.

First Pugsley was weighed and we were given the sad news that he is big boned. Errrr....make that fat. Pugsley needs to lay off the treats and slim down. He had a few shots and then I asked about some scabby skin on his belly. The vet said that all he really needed was a bath. Fat and dirty. Then Pugsley was taken into the back room to have his anal glands expressed. Seriously. If Pugsley could drink beer it'd be Miller time.

Then it was Sophie's turn and she is dainty and perfect. She handled her shots and came back from her anal gland expression with a wagging tail.

When we arrived at home I lured the dogs into a false sense of security.

Bath? What bath? Who said anything about a bath?

Bwaaahaaahaaa! Both dogs endured the indignity of being bathed and are surely plotting to poop in my shoes as retribution.

Just another day of glamour and fun here at Shiny Red Houses.


Anonymous said...

Anal glands expressed? I guess as a mom it's not so bad. But as a child free cat owner, I shudder.

Lisa said...

Only cats do that in shoes!! I guess they could try to bribe one of your cats though!! Sorry about the weight issue! I work in a Vet's office so I know how hard it is to deal with that. But from our side we daily see the bad results of the weight. They look fine in your pictures!! My two little ones went on diet food about a month ago. They are doing ok. My older dog the big one can't have her food cut back any more she needs it all so two different foods is the PITTS!!
Good luck with the bath!

Jean said...

All animals dread vet visits. somehow they always know where they are going and start shaking and throwing their hair everywhere. My Cairn terrier is supposed to weigh between 18 and 20 lbs. She was at 20 lbs, the top of her weight range. So the next week after her visit my hubby and I found out we have high blood pressure and have to cut out salt and loose weight. So in turn , Maggie has lost some weight since we aren't sharing BAD food with her. It is hard to make a change but it is working for all of us.You have a great weekend.
Jean in virginia

mgster said...

I'm so glad they took them to the back room with that anal gland business. My niece is a vet tech and she loves telling me gross things about anal expressions, etc. She needs a good slap!

And I am looking at one of your pug's picture as I can you not give in to that cute face as far as snacks go? I love pugs! And I love my two cats...they have no anal issues...yeah!

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

I loved this one! My cocker has perpetual anal gland issues & runs when he thinks I'm going to check him. He detests going to the vet too! ☺ Diane

Ginger said...

Ahh, poor Pugsley and Sophie. But I bet they are looking good now, after their bath.
Is it only certain breeds that need their anal glands expressed? Our doberman never has had that done.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, I did a little poking around. Bigger dogs, dogs that eat a meat diet or dogs with lots of territory or dog friends tend not to have this problem. High fiber diets create soft stools that can let the, ah, expressions build up. Territory and friends cause the dog to naturally, ah, express themselves.