Monday, August 10, 2009

Shades on the cheap!

When Rebecca's room was still a purpley blue color I splurged on some fancy Pottery Barn Kids room darkening roman shades.

They were so sweet with a lavender toile pattern.

Once I painted her room pink the shades were All Wrong. They had to go.

I bought some inexpensive white ones to hang up instead and they have worked out great.

At first I thought I would sell the Pottery Barn shades on Craigslist because they had been pretty expensive, but then I had an idea.

I went to Joanne Fabric in search of an inexpensive fabric that I could cover them with to use in my room which has needed shades for the last seven years.

Here's the fabric I chose. It was 6.99 a yard. The entire project used about seven yards of fabric.

First I laid the fabric out on the table and heated up the glue gun.

Then I laid the shade on the fabric and trimmed the excess fabric from the side and bottom.

Then the fun began!

I started gluing the edges of the fabric to the back of the shade.

Usually when I get one of these cockamamie ideas I think to myself, "Piece o' cake!".

Then I start doing the project and get my ass handed back to me on a platter.

Sometime I'll tell you about the time I had the bright idea to put in a brick patio. But I digress...

Luckily, this project was just as easy as I imagined it!


I only had one problem.

I had two of the expensive room darkening shades, but I have three windows. I solved that problem by going back to the discount store and buying a plain burgundy shade for 9.99 and used the same technique.

I am a girl genius- with burnt fingers from the glue gun...


Tracey said...

Wow! Your shades look fantastic. I hope your little girl enjoys her room.

Anonymous said...

I love your gumption and energy!

Love Mari

Ginger said...

Sara, I'm so glad those shades turned out so cute. I had visions of the fabric not folding the same way the shade did. You are one creative gal. They look great.

Pom Pom said...

Funny = "for the last seven years" It's amazing how the years go by so quickly when it comes to all things undone! I love the black and white! You are a smarty with that glue gun!

mgster said...


P.S. I told you to keep a bowl of water near your glue gun! You should listen to me next time! :)

~~Carol~~ said...

Ooooo, pretty pretty! They turned out fabulous!
You sound like me. I drive my husband nuts with my crazy ideas. I always underestimate the time and money involved in a project. Always. That's why he calls me Lucy!

Lisa said...

LOL Sorry about the burned fingers but the shades are worth it!
Well Done You!

Anonymous said...

Cunning and lovely! :) - Ms. T.T.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

You are a girl genius. Your shades are fabulous!


Saguaro Chick said...

Playing catch-up on all your posts! Your shades are beautimous! Speaking of glue gun burns....I have a scar on my....thigh...yes, my thigh....from a glue gun. I was working on a Christmas pinecone project (yes, good God, a pinecone project, everyone has to do at least one of those kinds of projects) and glue dripped from the cone onto my thigh....they probably heard me screaming in China! Speaking of projects, I CANNOT find the little wooden houses at Michaels that I saved my gift card for. I am still holding out some form of hope as I travel from Michaels to Michaels in search of the wooden houses to decorate....the search continues as the Michael's Gift Card remains safely tucked away in my wallet. I have never held onto a gift card for this long....I must really want those houses bad! Has your mom arrived?