Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diet update...

About four months ago I started to exercise and eat less.

At first it was exceedingly unpleasant. Running for five minutes made me want to die.

Not eating a Toblerone bar (thank you Michael) every night before bed made me want to cry.

For some reason I stuck with it and can now report that I have lost about thirty pounds.

Weird, huh?

I still have about fifteen to go before I'll reach my goal weight, though at this point I've lost enough to be down four pants sizes.

People have been asking me what diet I have been using. It's really simple.

For breakfast I eat Frosted Mini Wheats. At 10 am I have a cup of decaf coffee and a 100 calorie chocolate treat. For lunch I eat salad or left overs. Then I eat a Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone. At 3pm I eat a bowl of popcorn. Then I eat a healthy dinner. I can eat fruit and veggies all the time. On Saturdays I eat whatever I want. The end.

I run for about 20 minutes five times a week.

That's it.

Nothing crazy. Nothing unmanageable.

Getting started was hard, but creating an eating plan that never leaves me feeling deprived makes it feel like I can eat this way forever. My body feels stronger and healthier and I really like that.

So there's my story. If you're thinking about getting healthier I bet you can do it too.


Michael said...

It's a good thing you didn't go traveling all over Europe looking for the ass killer jeans.

Julie said...

Lifestyle change...not diet. Foods high in protein will make you feel full longer and help build lean muscle. You're doing a great job and I'm sure Valerie Bertanelli and Marie Osmond will be knocking on your door any minute.

GretchenJoanna said...

Congratulations!! I commend you on keeping to your realistic regimen for four months. It may seem fairly self-indulgent, but there is a huge difference, I know from experience, between a 100-calorie chocolate snack and eating uncounted chocolate and snacks. Running 5 days a week is also NOT easy. Good work--you have earned your reward.

Cheryl said...

You rock! I'm still wondering what the back-story is. Do you realize you never disclosed the reason why you started this journey to health? I keep making up stories in my head and you just know that's not a good thing.

Karen said...

What about alcohol?

mgster said...

Good for you, Sara! I actually think I can follow your eating plan. Once my heel spur is totally gone I can get back on my treadmill. You have inspired me! Wondering what kind of popcorn you are eating? I have a hard time with the "good for you" ones.

Robin said...


Losing weight it one of the hardest things in the world to do! I am envious of your tenacity, you keep it up.

Lori said...

I love hearing about weight loss success stories especially when they are realistic. I get my panties all in a bunch when I read the real life stories in magazines and the work-out plans are like "one hour of cardio 5 days a week, three hours of strength training and two hours of yoga". Seriously?? And all this around working, kids, home, etc... Sure, no problem. Love yours SO much better!! How fast are you running just out of curiosity? Keep up the good work! :)