Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post Auction Round-up...

Yesterday was the La Leche League Silent Auction, an event that I have run for the last four years and from which I have just stepped down.

The Silent Auction is always a blast. My co-leader and I wear evening gowns and tiaras to promote the auction which takes place during our Area Conference. There are so many, many babies to coo over and more than a few little girls stop to stare at our fancy dresses. The camaraderie that I share with my fellow Conference Volunteers is also amazing- it feels wonderful to be working hard for a cause which means so much to me.

However, spring is becoming an increasingly busy time for us. We have birthdays and dance shows, recitals and gymnastics performances. I am looking forward to not having the auction on my plate next year.

Tomorrow, as Lily has reminded me every single day for the last two weeks, is Lily's birthday and it is really the craziest thing because that child is turning eight.

I told her that I have had quite enough of her growing already and that I'd appreciate if she would just stop.

She refuses. She is so difficult.

Tomorrow there will be a special outing, cheeseburgers and cake.

Here are some things I feel you should know.

I killed three hornets in my attic today by spraying liquid poison on them. I really didn't want to use poison in a poorly ventilated room where my children play, but dude, HORNETS! One year I found a hornet in the attic and went downstairs to get the hornet poison. By the time I got back my cats had killed it and were eating it. It turns out that occasionally the cats aren't completely useless.

My house is properly cleaned because I did a big blitz on it when I came home today, but also because my husband had the kitchen nice and tidy when I returned. Know what else he did? He changed the sheets on the bed this morning. They were starting to feel like a sandbox from the sand which the dogs track into the house. It was so nice to get into bed tonight and find clean sheets that smell like a dryer sheet commercial. Thank you David for being a man of great competence and heart.

Eight years ago, right around this time I went into labor and showed David my mucus plug. He was grossed out. I was excited because it meant that this baby was going to be getting off my bladder and out of my body. You can only appreciate the joy of the mucus plug if you have carried seven pounds of human being inside your body.

Sophie pooped on the porch and ate half of it.

After Lily was born we found the cats playing with her shriveled umbilical stump on the floor.

Rebecca bought all of her gifts for Lily with her own money. She even bought Lily's teddy bear a present. I love that kid.

I miss mixed tapes. When I was a teenager and in my twenties a mixed tape was a declaration of love.

Dixie Carter died. Most celebrity deaths do not affect me at all. People die and I do not miss a step. But Dixie Carter, especially as Julia Sugarbaker, is a loss I keenly feel. Julia Sugarbaker was a wonderful character, smart and classy and strong. My mother and I still refer to using our best "Julia Sugarbaker" when we have been especially angry and outspoken. May you rest in peace.

That's about all I have today. I'm sure I'll have a weepy maudlin post about Lily tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Lily! I know they never will stop growing! Kids! I am glad cheeseburgers are in the menu! Congrats on your successful fundraiser! And for letting go so you can you! I too miss mixed tapes. I am trying to burn a CD but not really motivated to figure out what I want on it. I like the cd player in my car better than an iPod so I really want to make a CD now that my new computer will do it! I hope you have a super lovely week! I did find a medicine that stopped my Molly form eating her poop BUT if I forget to give it to her she's right back at it! Good luck!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I always remember this date as the night I made the "midnight ride for Lily's birth" and realized that at 2AM it was me and the truckers on the Mass Pike!! Lily was very much her own person even in utero.
xoxo Mom

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday dear littlest Padrusch! Congratulations on being the co-queeen of the auction ~ dahling, that dress really is you.

Valley Girl said... of the dresses and tiara's would have been nice...geeesh! *wink!!

Poop eating dog....hmmmmm she is missing something from her diet...

umbilical stump put me over the top...I was almost to the point of peeing my pants when you brought me back to earth with the loss of a beatuful person..."Julia Sugarbaker" was wonderful..Miss Carter, beautiful!!

Thanks for the smiles...
Happy birthday Big Girl Lily!!

Now cake!! I would like to keep my head thank you....

Tall Kate said...

I miss mixed tapes, too! The last one I made was for my husband when we first started dating--around 14 years ago, if my math is right.

Oh, yes, the mucus plug! Both my pregnancies were nearly 42 weeks, so I was mighty happy to see them when I (finally) did.

mgster said...

Sara, your blog is so darn entertaining! And I know what you mean about kids aging! I wanted them to stay babies forever, then I wanted them to stay about Lily's age now. I can't say I would have frozen them at the teenager stage. I still shudder thinking about the first time they drive with their friends in the car! But I have to say I am loving being a mother of three children in their 20's. They have each brought a significant other into our family. One daughter-in-law, one fiance (male) and one fantastic girlfriend. Weddings are so much fun and hopefully, soon...please, GOD, let there be grand babies! :)