Friday, April 16, 2010

What happens when I get bored and am left alone with the children for too long.

David has been away all week.

Usually I handle this beautifully. The children and I have a nice rhythm. We learn, we play, we tidy.

La, la, la.

Sometimes however all that time alone with the children makes me restless and when I feel restless I can get a bit impulsive.

The last time this happened I cut Rebecca's hair and gave her bangs.

We all know how that turned out.

You can understand why I was concerned when I started to feel a bit restless today. Out of the blue, out of the very mysterious ether of the vast cosmos, it occurred to me that I should dye my hair red.

Now, I have many things, cellulite, phobias and too many pets. One thing I do not have is gray hair. Which is weird but awesome. My mother, who is 65, is just starting to get some little gray hairs. My point, is that I do not have experience with hair dying, particularly with attempting to dye my hair red.

It must not be Lucy red. 

It must be a more subtle red. I conferred with my friend Amy who said to go for it.

"Millions of women dye their hair every day." she said. "Piece of cake!"

I was still worried.

I did a little research which was not all that helpful. The L'Oreal website? Useless.

The Clairol site was better and so when I was at CVS an hour later wandering the aisles with Lily I looked through all the Clairol products.

Permanent was way too scary. I skipped those.

Demi-permanent which washes away in 28 shampoos was better, but still a bit nerve wracking.

Then I found it, an after thought of hair dye, the semi-permanent hair dye that washes out in 8-10 shampoos.

I bought it.

It was 6.99.

Then Lily and I picked up Rebecca from dance and once we were home I got to work.

I read the instructions. I even followed some of them.

I did not do a strand test. Who has time for that when you are being impulsive?

I did not change out of my sweater, nor did I drape a towel around my shoulders.

I did use gloves, but only because they came with the kit.

Clairol understands where I am likely to cut corners.

The whole process took about 20 minutes.

It came out just as I had hoped. Subtle, but fun. There was no crying. I forgot to eat dinner though. Maybe red heads eat ice cream for dinner...


Anonymous said...

And aren't you glad I passed on the good hair gene???? xoxo Mom

Valley Girl said...

Shhheewww!!! I was getting worried there...I was sure you were going to tell us you looked like a tomato!!
It's perfect!!
Let us know what hubby says now won't cha!!

Have a great weekend!!

Valley and her Buttercups

Julie said...

Same color as Sophia Loren! Very nice.

Debbie said...

Welcome to the Red Head Club! I dyed mine red over 10 years ago, and haven't looked back since.

Cheryl said...

Can't ... stop ... laughing! You're nuts and it's beautiful. The suspense damn near killed me!

Amy. said...

I'm glad the statistics I pulled out of my ass were able to convince you! Nothing like peer pressure, eh? It's actually probably more like, BILLIONS of women every day. Or even TRILLIONS.

You look super cute. You are the Lucille Ball of our generation.


David W. Padrusch said...

For the record, I told her to go for it and think it looks absolutely fabulous!

Lisa said...

Cool I am glad it worked like you wanted and it does look good! Mine is always hit or miss. Right now I am my natural. It is ok but dull! Enjoy and I do think that red heads eat ice cream for dinner! ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl said...

Hi Sara, I just wanted to let you know that I have a little something for you over at my place when you get a chance to visit.

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

mgster said...

Oh look BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes...actually a lot of times...I see red dyed hair that screams "fake-fake-fake", but yours is so pretty and natural. You could easily take it to the "permanent" level with that shade. NICE! And watch for coupons on L'Oreal...they always have a lot of them in the Sunday papers.