Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where the hell has that woman been?

I know that you've been asking yourself this and dudes, I can only say that I have been busy doing grown up things like cleaning my pantry and preparing my tax documents.

Yesterday was particularly crazy because I did many things in one day!

First, I acquired a new piece of furniture. Well, new to me anyway. A friend was selling an amazing armoire for a pittance. I have been wanting one just like this for ages but they are both expensive and huge. I got lucky because not only was this friend selling the armoire on the cheap, they also have a van and offered to bring it over. Score!

The piece that had been in that spot was a short red armoire that really didn't fit the scale of the room. I am going to sell the red one. If you are local and interested let me know.

You'll also be happy to know that those wires under the chair are well hidden now.

After rearranging all of my knick knacks and fighting back the dust bunnies, I invited Amy over to view my new furniture and drink coffee. That's what people with grown-up-made-of-real-wood-was-not-assembled-from-a-kit people do.

After Amy left, my Fairy Stepmother arrived to babysit the children because David and I had plans to go out!

Yes! That's right! I left the house of my own free will!

Our good friend Geoff Edgers made a movie. He had this plan, this crazy nutso plan hatched out of a thwarted high school dream and mated with the onset of a mid life crisis. The demented offspring of the two was a sweet, tender and funny film about trying to reunite his favorite band The Kinks. Last night it played to a sold out house as part of the Independent Film Festival here in Boston. Of course it was a blast seeing so many of our friends in this film, but watching Geoff interview and play guitar with Sting, Robin Hitchcock and Zooey Dechanel was just amazing.

Also, he got to talk on the phone with John Cusack. Geoff said that they talked about The Kinks, but I know better. They were talking about me, my love of John and our impossible love.

Where was I?

Anyway, super duper fun film. And then the fun continued because there was an after party with two bands and food and dancing.

At point David knocked over the beer of a grizzled looking older man standing against the wall. David apologized and bought him a new beer. We couldn't believe it when ten minutes later that same man got up to play with the band. It was Graham Parker who happened to be in town playing and simply rocked the house to the ground.

We danced and laughed and then, please brace yourself, even though it was already after midnight, we went out to a bar with some friends afterwards. By the time we left to go home it was 1:30.

I just need to take a moment here to tell you how dashing my husband is. He is a gorgeous dancer, funny, sensitive and just so incredibly mine. We don't get out often, but when we do it's always a party.

Today I am very, very, very, deeply and traumatically tired. Every cell of my being is tired.

Also, my throat hurts.

None of this stopped me from having a junking triumph today, but that story will have to wait. David just brought me a cup of tea, I have two dogs snoring by my side and I need to go to bed.

More tomorrow!


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Cheryl said...

After party. Wow, you've got the language of the stars down pat. What's next? Scandals I hope.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm reading this a little more than a week after you posted it, but I still have to comment. A) John Cusack was most likely talking about me with your husband, how our eyes met at that Public Enemy concert in Chicago so many years ago, and how he's been searching for me ever since ...

B) Your night sounds so fun! I haven't seen a band in ages because I've become such a fuddy-duddy and can't stay up past 11:30 and my knees no longer work. But sometimes I remember the dancing and wish I could go ...