Monday, April 5, 2010


This morning I woke up from a version of the same dream I've been having for about three weeks. It is possibly the most pathetic dream I have ever had, except maybe for the dream where I am doing laundry.

In the dream I am junking. Sigh.

If you have a more pathetic dream than that, then by all means share it, because folks, that is a lame, lame dream.

I have not been junking for a few weeks, not since the big attic/basement clean out. I resolved to only buy consumables. No junk. Just food and toilet paper. The end.

And yet, the dream. I am wandering the aisles of the junk store. In one dream I find the very things which I have given away to Goodwill for sale. I'm not sure what to do. They were mine, but now they are not. Should I buy them back? Pathetic.

Anyway, I woke up from this dream at 6am feeling grouchy. Then I exercised which people who lie say makes you feel happy and perky. I was still grumpy.

The grumpy continued through the dog walk and seemed to be contagious since by the time we began doing schoolwork this morning everyone was grouchy.

Usually schoolwork is pretty uneventful for us. We do our work, we learn; no big deal.

Today we were a cliche of what people imagine when I talk about homeschooling. Rebecca had a full blown tantrum over the stupidity of fractions and of math in general. There was stomping and crying and sassing. Meanwhile, Lily whined about how hard, how terribly awfully hard it is to practice lowercase cursive c's.

Pathetic. We were a tired threesome of misery.

Going to the junk store seemed like the most logical solution. It felt good to be back and I was extremely selective about my choices. I bought a dress for 5.99 and Lily a sweatshirt for 2.99. We found a game about animals for homeschooling for .99. That's it.

Then we spent a few hours at the playground when school let out and that was nice because I spent some time talking to grown-ups who are not completely deranged.

I came home, cleaned my house and had some dinner.

Tomorrow will be a new day and tonight there had better be a new dream. Just not the one about laundry please.


Julie said...

Last night I dreamed the boss called to see if I could come in to work. That's pathetic since I work far too much anyway. Luckily I told him no. Then I dreamed that my friend told me her daughter was grounded and how sad it was because she was going to miss out on a great sale on Tampax at Target. In the dream I remember thinking how dumb her daughter was to get grounded and miss out on that awesome sale.

GretchenJoanna said...

This is so funny! It seems the most logical thing to go to the Goodwill and get a little something reasonable, as therapy for your withdrawly dream. I hope it works. :-)

Cheryl said...

Shit woman! When you come back, you come back with a BANG! Can't seem to get my laughter under control. Gimme a sec. Nope, not gonna happen. I'm going over to someone else's blog to get depressed. Maybe I'll come back and share something insightful to help you get through the early phases of withdrawal.

Valley Girl said...

Here's hoping for sweet dreams Miss Sara!!!

TropicalFish said...

I still have this irritating dream of being in school (HS or College) and the bell rings and I can't find my schedule or I have that but can't figure out the layout of the rooms and thus am horrificly late to class and everyone looks at me judgementally when I enter. I know; it's horrific. - Miss TT