Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updates from my budget...

There was a time when I thought nothing, absolutely nothing of dropping $2 every day on coffee. I shudder to think of it now, my wanton fiscal behavior. These days I'm a Budgetnatrix and I watch every single penny that leaves my purse. And then I cry.

This poses a bit of a problem since my fat clothes old clothes no longer fit. I am slim but broke, whereas before I was fat and rich. Oh universe, why must you taunt me with your foul karma?

Anyway, I found a few things at the junk store, but I really don't have a lot that doesn't make me look like a bag lady. That's why today I went to Walmart.

That's right. You heard me. Walmart.

Target and its fancy Mossimo is just too pricey for this cheap girl so I packed Lily in the car and we headed to Walmart.

A funny aside about Walmart. When David and I first ran away to Maine together in 1996 we were seriously broke. Our apartment was really cool and funky and I loved it with my entire heart. However, it was drafty. Wind blowing through the cracks drafty. We'd take hot showers and put on three layers of clothes. When even that wasn't enough to keep us warm we'd go to Walmart where we could wander around without buying anything and warm up. Then we'd go home and start the whole process over again.

So today there I was with Lily and a crowd of fellow customers whom I struggled not to judge. (Obese people on drive around carts buying soda and doritos, a general lack of teeth, etc.) It was there that I found some really cute dresses. For $14.

I bought it in both of these colors. They had some plaid versions that were really cute too but Lily vetoed them. Why was I listening to the advice of someone who was wearing underpants with a grinning frog on the butt? I thought that she was probably right.

There were some other dresses that I like too and if they had been $8 I would have bought them.

Like these.

Nice huh? Walmart. It's the new Target.,


Christine at Origami Mommy said...

Hilarious. How old is Lily again? My girl is so opinionated about what I ought to wear.

Julie said...

Secrets to shopping Target: Look for the racks with 30-75% off. Also check online specials. Got my husband a suit for $21 once. Have you heard of any lawsuits against Target for discriminating against women? No. Walmart, yes. Sorry, I just can't like Walmart.

The Empress said...

Shh.... I love spralmart, too. Especially their George line. Those dresses fit like a dream. Everyone asks me if they're J.Jill.

I lie and say yes.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I haven't shopped for clothes at Wal-Mart in ages, but these dresses really are cute! The only problem with our Wal-Mart is sometimes it smells like all the toilets have backed up.

Congrats on needing to buy new clothes! Your diet plan that you posted in an earlier post sounds totally reasonable. I'm inspired!


Lori said...

I too am a total sucker for dresses. My current faves are a couple of maxi dresses from Target. I haven't been to Wally World in a long time but the pics of these dresses make me want to venture into the madness!!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered shopping at Walgreens pharmacy? I went there to get something pharmacy related. Vitamins.

Do you know how to get to the vitamin section. You go thought the f..cking fashion bra section. A pharmacy selling bras.

What's next, Home Depot hocking Martha Stewart.

Whosyergurl said...

OMG, you are hilarious. I came over to see you from Cheryl's Deckside.
Seems you & I have a lot in common, too. I, too, used to think nothing of squandering lots (LOTS) of cash at Starbucks on a very regular basis. Then, we went to Hawaii for 2 wks in February and I am currently in "Hawaii recovery mode," and can't afford Jack. Or Starbucks.
Also, I am currently being a scales nut, too. For the past 2.5 wks I've been doing no sugar, no flour. I get on, get off, kick them, get back on the scales. Oh so fun. I can currently pull my jeans off & on w/o unfastening. Very handy if you have to pee very badly. :-)
O.k., TMI. And we just met!
Hoosier hugs,

Lori said...

Ventured into the Wally World madness last night and scored a very cute black sundress. I may go back for another color... ;) Oh, I am on my second day of trying the Master Cleanse. I only lasted about 9 hours yesterday (it is supposed to last 10 days so I obviously fell a smidge short... lol). But today is a new day!!! Very interesting way to drop some poundage!