Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day at the beauty shop...

I have been growing out my hair for about nine long months and not once in all of that time did I go see the goddess of hairdressers, Toni. My reasons were two fold. Firstly, the cut grew out so well that I didn't really need a haircut. Secondly, I was afraid I'd end up cutting it.

Growing out hair is a long process and requires constant vigilance. The good news in that the vigilance against cutting it paid off. My hair is now grown out. The bad news is that I was so focused on not cutting it that I dove into the world of at home hair dying without really thinking it through.

That is how I ended up with hair that was orange had a reddish glow.

Today the girls and I booked two and half hours with Toni so that we could get cleaned up and made pretty.

First Toni was kind and did not scold me for ruining my hair dying my hair. She painted my hair with lots of goop and then as I waited, Lily got a hair cut. Lily is a mercurial creature. For months she has been growing out her hair and then yesterday she announced: "I want short hair!"

She would not be dissuaded. The result is very, very cute.

Once Lily's hair was done, mine was rinsed and cut and more goop was put on it. While my hair absorbed chemicals, it was Rebecca's turn.

Rebecca only wanted a trim so her result was not quite as dramatic.

I could not get that child to sit still for a proper picture.

Finally, my hair was rinsed and styled.

No more red!

I have now grown out my hair, am within five pounds of my goal weight and have home schooled my kids. I still suck at Scrabble though, so there is always room for improvement.


Sullygirl said...

You look awsome...hope the last 5 Lbs comes off fast. Now I want to see you all dolled up wearing the retro green wrap dress.
Hope the Cape was great, loved to see the dogs on the beach.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your children are adorable--and Lily's haircut is the kind that makes me really sad I don't have daughters. Your hair is also fabulous. Congrats on the great cut and on getting so close to your goal!


江婷 said...


Julie said...

Who is this wonder woman who used to only fall up the stairs? You're doing great. Please PLEASE let me know what happened to the yellow La Leche League auction dress. I still think of it...

Pom Pom said...

You're so pretty, Sara!