Thursday, June 10, 2010

Country Living, you complete me...

A few weeks ago David was in New York filming something. I say "something" because I'll be perfectly honest with you. I do not always pay attention to the details of where David is going and when he will be there. I have learned a few things about David's job over the past decade. Plans change all the time- until he's on a train or a plane I don't consider them real plans.

When he told me that he was going to New York City to shoot New World Home constructing a modular "green" house at the World Financial Center, I listened with half an ear.

"That's nice sweetie. Will you take care of the dead bird in the air vent before you go?" I asked.

Then I checked Facebook on the day of his trip and read this:

Country Living Magazine Our 2010 House of the Year is being put together in NYC right now!! Are you going to come check it out, June 4 to 17?

I immediately called David. "You didn't tell me that this was with Country Living!!!! I love Country Living- how could you not mention this to me??!!!"

"I didn't tell you?" he replied, "I thought you knew."

"If I had known it involved Country Living, I would have come with you!" I answered.

Sheesh. Anyway, ever since I missed my opportunity to rub elbows with the magazine which inspires me every single month and whose ideas can be seen in every room of my house the shoot, I have been following the progress of the brilliant marriage between Country Living Magazine and New World Home.

New World Home is an amazing company. They have created a series of modular homes based on a green model, but which also maintain historical and architectural beauty and integrity. You know how sometimes in magazines there are pictures of green homes which are ultra modern and mega sleek? I love the energy savings, but hate the steel and cold angles. The Country Living New World Home is completely different.

It arrived on a truck and was positioned with a crane. A  crane!
A week later David went back to film the finished product.
Look at that! It is completely built in a warehouse- everything including the plumbing, electricity- even the cabinets are installed before the house is shipped. Once it arrives in its location the house is reassembled and the finish work is done in just a few weeks.
Over at the New World Home website I have found my new dream home. It's the Portland design and would be quite perfect for our family.  It has a huge porch, plenty of space and no dead birds in the exhaust vents.
Something else I need to confess to you, my patient readers, is that I keep getting distracted while writing this post. Whenever I go over to Country Living website to find links about the house, I find myself clicking over to Sears to look at the Country Living bedding. I think I may have fallen in love with the Joylyn quilt, though I also find the Capitola quilt captivating.

So there you have it. While I was hanging out of the window trying to extract a dead bird from the air vent, David was hanging out with Country Living and watching my dream house get built.


Anonymous said...

I.Want.That.House. Now!!!

So sorry you missed the shoot!

Surprising that the dead bird did not decay yet...

Love, Ms. TT

Lisa said...

Really great!!! Sorry you missed it! I just got a free subscription to CL so I will look for it!! How cool he filmed it!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Wow! I have loved Country Living for a couple decades. Now, I REALLY love British Country Living. It's so shiny.
How are the pugs?

Anonymous said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.............................................................

mgster said...

David has such an interesting job. You will need to listen to him more...hahaha! I know I would have just heard New York City and a bag would have been packed. Do you know how much time I spent looking at those houses??? I live in a house almost like the "Hartford"...even the same color... and I was born in Hartford. But I would love to live in the "Denver". I bookmarked that website. LOVE IT!