Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sale meat, pustules and poison ivy...

When I started this blog just a little over a year ago I imagined that I would blog a lot about home decorating and thrift stores. I had no idea how much of this blog would be about pus and misery.

First the good news:

I haven't used the dryer in over a week! Take that NStar! My umbrella clothes line has completely revolutionized my life. I can now do all of the wash in one day. I just wait for a day of sun and start washing and hanging. By the end of the day everything is dry. The children have been complaining about stiff towels, but I am teaching them to appreciate the exfoliating benefits of towels which have a faintly cardboard consistency to them.

In other news I have become a little old lady in my grocery shopping habits. Each week I scour the grocery ads for which store has the best sales on meat and produce. Lately I have been going to the Stop and Shop, which is generally a store I hate because the employees all seem to be suffering from major depression. I avoided the store for years, but have recently returned because they have personal scanner guns. I love these little machines. You scan each item and bag it right in your cart. Easy peasy and no getting sucked into a conversion with the grocery checker about why life is futile. Anyway, the Stop and Shop also puts $2 off coupons on meat the day before the "sell by" date. That is how I bought six chickens for $12 and twelve pork chops for $8. That's right recession! Who's laughing now?

The bad news:

David spent about a week in complete poison ivy induced misery. He was nearly completely covered. I say nearly, because I know that you are all wondering if the poison ivy affected his other injury. It did not, thank you gods of scrotal sanctity. David's poison ivy did provide us with some entertainment in the form of a rousing game of "Would You Rather?"

"Would you rather lose a testicle or have poison ivy for a month?"
"Would you rather have poison ivy for year or be impotent?"
"Would you agree to a year of poison ivy in exchange for one million dollars?"

Once he started a prescription for steroids we had to stop playing "Would You Rather?" because the roid rage set in and we just avoided him until it wore off.

Now that you know all about David's agony, we can play "Who's Got Pus?" Usually you can bet on Lily because she likes to play in dirt, however this time the bad boy of bacteria is Pugsley who has acute dermatitis. His little arms, legs and belly are covered in weepy pus filled blisters. Bless his sweet pug heart, he is now getting daily baths and an antibiotic. No roid rage though, and so for that I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

Mahor OY...Love, Mom

Julie said...

A little old lady in your shopping habits! I shop like this all the time and prefer to think of it as Ninja shopping. When you're really good at it you get to buy another freezer..And your family will still tell you there's nothing to eat. Try vinegar for your fabric softener, it might help the towels. Congrats on saving serious coin on your electric bill.

Anonymous said...

Since you have already had the guy neutered, I'd hope he went for the million.

And if our weather hits you, you won't be drying anything outside. It's so humid, the cats come in wet.

Cheryl said...

Had I known he didn't have it over every inch of his body, I'd have given him crap about his whining. I remember when both R & P had it everywhere. Not pretty. And this was back when they were still afraid of the damage the roids might do. It took a while before the doc gave in and prescribed it. Oy.

Lisa said...

Like you luck with the shopping!! I hope David feels all better soon. SOrry about Pugsley. We see a lot of that this time of year, either allergies or just staying wet too long. Hope he is feeling better with treatment!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Coconut oil can be helpful for dogs, internally and externally. Also may help with poison ivy!

Lori said...

Definitely try white vinegar as was suggested above. Works GREAT!! JUST DON'T MIX IT WITH BLEACH!!!! Toxic. I also buy multiple chicken at a time, bake them all at once, vacuum seal them and then freeze. HUGE time saver plus it leaves a bunch of carcasses for making broth.