Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Daisy Cottage, you inspire me again...

Dear Daisy Cottage is one of those blogs that I revisit every day. At least once a week I look through all of Kim's pictures because they are gorgeous and give me so many ideas.

Kim loves color. It's everywhere in her house, a glorious riot of color and cheer. Thank god Kim is as sweet and lovely as her home because she doesn't get mad when you blatantly copy her look borrow some of her ideas.

One of my favorite things about her home is her collection of mirrors, each frame painted a shiny red. You can see why I love this. I have been picking up cheap mirrors and frames in my junk travels so I can do something similar in my own home.

First, I covered my table with a vinyl tablecloth so it would not end up covered in paint. People, as my mother will happily confirm, this shows incredible growth. My far more typical strategy is to be so impatient to start a project that I end up making a colossal mess which takes longer to clean up then the actual project did to complete.

Then I got to work. I could have spray painted these and it would have taken half as long, but it was raining outside. Apparently my growth in developing patience does not extend to actually waiting a day to paint.

So shiny! So red!

Once these are completely dry I will put the glass back in and find some places for them. I have one frame which was once a mirror. The glass broke last year, but I love the frame. I decided to try it on a door.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage for giving me the courage to go bright!


Pom Pom said...

Hi Sara!
I'm going to have to pop over there! Your mirrors look fantastic! I love the look in your window!

Daisy Cottage said...


What a sweetheart YOU are and thank you for sharing YOUR fabulous mirrors with me! I love them and look at brilliant you with the one hanging on your door! Love that!

I'm so happy to share with you and you give back to me MUCH MUCH more.