Monday, June 28, 2010


What have I been doing this week which has taken me away from blogging?

Well, since you've asked, I'll tell you. I have been applying sunscreen and sweeping sand. Other times I've been changing my sheets which are full of sand. When I am done doing that, I sweep some more sand and apply some more sunscreen.

It is summer and I am cranky.

Of course you know what I like to do when the heat of summer gets me down...

Go junking!

It was quite a haul!

Why yes! That is Fiestaware. You do not want to know how cheap it was.

I love this blanket. It is on my chair and is very snugly. It helps me pretend that fall is right around the corner.

Remember the dressmaking dummy? She's right at home.

Now that we are back from the cape I am trying to establish a routine. It's strange that our days feel so different in the summer. The kids have been home for the past nine months, but those days felt very structured. Summer days just seem to go on and on.

How are you managing? What do your summer days look like?


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Sundays look a lot like NASCAR. Sometimes Saturday nights look like NASCAR too. Other than that, summer looks like weeds in the gardens, sultry nights on the deck, and days spent trying to find a balance.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean like driving around in circles for hours and then realizing that you have gotten nowhere?

Julie said...

All semblance of bed times has gone out the window for all of us. We just stay up till we pass out in the wee hours and wake up late, but happy.

mgster said...

What a haul is right! I want to "junk" where YOU "junk" because where I "junk" it is ALL JUNK...Real Junk!

My summer is going great because my daughter and soon to be future son-in-law are living with us until their new house is ready. LOVING every minute of it. Nothing like sitting on my deck while they make margaritas for us all. YES!

It is very hot here. Humid and HOT. We have planned a week in Scottsdale, AZ. In August! Probably going to be 120 freakin' degrees or something. What were we thinking??? I know why we did this. Because when we planned it I remember it was very cold and it seemed like a good idea. Stupid me! Oh well. I heard it is "dry heat"...why do people always say that??? Connecticut is humid. I will keep on repeating that to maybe it will help.

Stacy Spuria said...

I used to have my kids "do school" for a few hours every day in summer...this is our first summer completely off! I'm not quite sure what to do either. Just that few hours has seemed to throw things off for me...I'm sure I'll get into a swing. The beach is calling to me ;)

Anonymous said...

I must tell ya that when I came across your blog I laughed my ass off on some of your posts..I love the look of your home also..I grew up near the beach and do miss it..Sand and all..LOL..Have a great week..