Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm back and obsessed!

Well, hello there! I have returned from the land of fun, which as you know, makes me twitchy.

My mom and her beau were here for the week and it was chock full of Fun! Fun! Fun!

There was junking and food, and the American Girl store and food, and then visiting Cheryl and food, and finally the beach and yes, you guessed it- food! Was a delicious and wonderful visit, but you know I find it difficult to stop being a hermit disrupt my routine of housework and home school.

One thing that did find its way into my mind and dig its little claws into my heart is possibly the most pathetic thing which I have ever coveted.

A laundry umbrella.

My mom had one of these when I was growing up. The reason I find myself wanting one of these sleek babies is that it currently takes about three dryer cycles for my towels to dry. Not only is it costing a fortune in electricity, it also slows down my laundry washing output. Everything backs up and I get crabby.

When we got home from the beach yesterday with a trunk full of damp and sandy towels, I could picture myself hanging the towels on the line. An apron full of clothes pegs, puppies playing at my feet, the birds happily tweeting... The warm breeze drying the towels and shaking the sand out of them... If any of you have experience with this sort of product can you tell which one you have and whether is made all of your laundry dreams come true?

So there you have it. I leave the internet for a week and when I return I tell you my laundry fantasies.

I do feel that I would be remiss, even negligent, if I did not update you on a few things.

The birds are rebuilding their nest in the bathroom vent. I hate them.

David's injury has healed, though now he has poison ivy. Based upon his current level of misery I think that I can tell you that a lacerated scrotum is better than poison ivy. Who knew?


Lisa said...

Your poor husband! I hope it goes away soon!!
I love the clothes line thing!! I wish it would stop raining here so I could use one!! Hope you get it!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

Love the new look! I likey. My granny had a really really long double clothesline with iron bars and steel wires. You could hang children from it and it wouldn't break. I'm sure you'll get your laundry umbrella and discover how wonderful spiders are..again.

Cheryl said...

Sheee-it! I love your new header. Take THAT you miserable wenches! You wear housewifery like a beautiful sari all sparkly and sleek.

I'd steal my neighbor's laundry fun-o-rama mobile for you but she's kind of a battle ax and it's embedded in cement.

Vickie said...

Your local Home Depot or Home;

I started drying my clothes outside last summer. I had some corner fence posts that were easy to string some line between. The hardest thing was finding good quality clothespins. Most stores just carried "wimpy" ones. I finally found some good ones at ShopKo. They were still not as hefty as some old ones I had kicking around from the 1980's. I'm not sure where ShopKo has stores across the country.
The clothes do dry much faster outside, making laundry day go much faster. The clothes are easier to fold because they are hanging strait you can fold them as you remove them from the line.