Sunday, June 20, 2010

Granny Apple Green!

Remember when I went junking last week and everything I found was yellow? Well yesterday I hit Global Thrift and it was a day of granny apple green.

I have been looking for a dressmakers dummy for years. I almost missed this one, but lucky for me, Rebecca spotted it. It was 7.99 and already painted my favorite shade of green. I have vintage handbags in yellow, green, red, and black scattered throughout my house. I love the punch of color they can give to an unexpected place and the sweet vintage styles always make me happy. That green basket thing is going to hold all sorts of important items! I'm thinking about using it to hold cloth napkins. In my imagination each napkin is tied with a ribbon, but I know that my children would not be able to stop themselves from untying each and every ribbon and attaching them to stuffed animals.

I found this bag and dress at Global Thrift too.

Please pretend that the dress is ironed, okay?

Last week my pal Amy and I went out for a bit of junking and she spotted this dollhouse.

It's huge- about two feet wide and a foot deep. At first I passed this up- we already have a few dollhouses that the kids play with.  But then I remembered something I had seen in a magazine- someone had taken a dollhouse, decorated the interior and exterior and then used it to store office supplies. I am going to use it to store school supplies. Lily has filled it with toys for now and told me that she wants it. It's an illusion I'll let her live with for now.


Cheryl said...

It's good for children to have dreams...right before you squash those dreams like a bug.

Sullygirl said...

That dress would have been perfect to waer to the reunion this weekend...but since you won't leave MA, guess we will have to wait for our 50th reunion to see you in it!
Although you could always sent it down and I will wear it...LOL

Pom Pom said...

The doll house idea is BRILLIANT! I love it! I want that doll house.

韋富 said...

好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力.....................................................................

mgster said...

I love that dress and bag! I can picture it all ironed up! LOL Okay, I can tell you a use for the dress dummy...I borrowed my mother's last Halloween for a party we were having. I put a long black robe on of those rubber masks with stringy white hair (stuffed inside) and then hung spiders coming out of the eyeballs etc. Do you get the picture? It scared everyone who saw it! LOL Just a little dress dummy hint from me! :)