Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How nearly dying destroyed my budget.

Here in the heart of New England we get all sorts of winter weather. Sometimes snow. Sometimes rain. Sometimes ice.

Rain and snow? No problem.

Ice? Problem.

On Monday we had a day of mostly light snow, mixed with rain. Typically this means that all of the roads will get a sound salting and sanding before morning.

On Tuesday I got up, hopped into the car with the dogs and headed over to my usual dog walking trail. My road seemed okay, mostly snowy but not slick. It had been sanded and was quite clear. Since my road had been no obstacle I didn't think twice about driving up a large hill to head to the parking lot of the trail. At the top of the hill I quickly realized that unlike my road, this large steep hill was not only without sand and salt, it was also a sheet of ice.

I started to slide down the hill slowly at first and as I approached the first set of stop signs I prayed that I would hit a dry patch and stop sliding. No such luck. Not only did I not stop sliding, the car picked up speed and was headed for a busy street at the end of the hill.

I did not panic. I had two choices. Try to turn and definitely hit a tree, parked car or house, or continue straight and hope that there were no cars coming when I went flying into the intersection.

I gambled and started to hit my horn sending a barrage of noise into my path desperately hoping that anyone driving would hear me coming.

Recently our Rabbi was talking to our congregation about belief in God. He said, "I know that some of you don't believe in God and he's totally cool with that."

Most days I am not sure what I believe in, but I felt blessed by the divine when I slid into that intersection and found it empty. The road on which I landed was sanded and I gingerly pulled my minivan into the parking lot and shook.

It felt like a miracle to have not been hit, not been injured, not been killed.

I also realized that it was time to replace the tires which our mechanic has been telling me to replace for two months. As soon as I got home I called the dealership, ordered the tires and a loaner car and plunked down $1200 that I cannot afford. Four hours later I was driving safely once more.

Such divine largess is not something to be taken lightly or for granted. I did not die. But I did listen. We might pray, we might beg to God, but we must also listen to the answer. We must do what must be done to be safe, to be happy, to be loved. What must be done is not always easy, but be done, it must.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a brush with death to make you grateful for AWD, deep tire treads and a healthy respect for the power of black ice.

Glad you're okay.

Lisa said...

Wow! I am so glad you are ok. Yes Our prayers are answered. You got one chance and I am so glad you listened and did your part to make it all ok! Again I am so glad you and everyone else is ok. Sorry I know you had to be so scared.
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

YIKES! I'm so happy to hear you are okay, Sara!
He keeps loving us. I'm glad.

Cheryl said...

You scared the living shit out of me! "Jesus Jumped Up Christ!" as your uncle would say. Please don't do that again.

Prayer is when we talk; meditation is when we listen. Gratitude is an action. Sounds like you hit the trifecta.

Julie said...

Well, Daisy, I'm gonna go with Bo and Luke. Wanna help us lose Boss Hog and Sheriff Coltrain? Laugh. And one day you can tell your grandkids how you were a stunt driver...and in the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie. You are so fierce. Quick thinking. Love you Mari

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say that I'm glad you're safe!

David Duford said...

What a dreadful decision to have to make! You are much braver/faithful than I, as I would have backed it into the nearest non-carbon lifeform I could find to stop my progress. I'm glad you are okay, if not a little light in the wallet.

Also, I like how you ended your blog in Yoda-like fashion "be done, it must"

-cousin Dave

Thea said...

Last year I did the same thing in my car - slid right down a hill in Lexington towards Mass Ave, near the Dunkin' Donuts intersection. God stuck a Volvo at the stop sign below. (If you ever notice the front of my car is all wonky on one side, that's why) However, God also had a sense of punishment for being on the icy road when it came to me.

He stuck both my Mom and stepfather in the car. Because if you are sliding down an icy hill towards your icy demise in slow motion, and after you hit the car below, you TOTALLY want all their helpful advice.

Anonymous said...

Sara I am so glad you are okay. Thank goodness indeed, God or otherwise for those who don't believe. Personally, I do. Nonetheless, I still wished I had your cell number (assuming you could get pictures on it) this morning at Barnes and Noble when I saw the Mini Kits near the checkout... one was "Bowling at Nuns" and the pins were in little habits. I immediately thought of you. Love you, Miss TT

mgster said...

how scary for you! I was nearly shaking myself just reading your description. I walked out my door yesterday and was shocked to see our driveway glistening with a fine sheet of ice. It looked like such a beautiful day from inside the house. Then I remembered the weather man saying to watch out for "black ice". Even though I have lived in CT my whole life, I will never get used to driving on ice. I'm kind of okay driving on snow...but I hate the ice!