Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red by the bed...

If you've been coming around to this blog for any amount of time you know that I love red. Most rooms in my house have a lot of color. Yellow is the main color with red and green as accent colors.

I deviate from this palette a bit in my bedroom. All of that color would be too much in a bedroom which requires calm. The walls are a creamy white and most of the furniture is white. The accent colors are black and red and I just love the overall effect.

This is the top of David's armoire. We bought the armoire with the house since we have no real closets to speak of. Those red cowboy boots are child size and Lily likes to wear them. They always end up back on the armoire though because I love to look at them.

I was 29 years old in this picture and just a few months pregnant with Lily.

This is my radiator. I know that some folks love radiators because they lend an old fashioned feel to a room. My only complaint with radiators is that they limit the use of an entire corner of a room. It's a little frustrating to envision a new room set up only to have your dreams thwarted by a radiator.

This is my dresser. I keep all of my precious jewels from Goodwill and Target in those old jewelry and sewing boxes.

This is not in my room, but in my dining room. I've been meaning to show you my baby pitcher collection for ages. Also, you button naysayers, notice the buttons arranged by color and placed in cute little jars. So there.

I did make it out junking the other day, but I did not find much. I am hoping that as folks start clearing out their homes in a post holiday frenzy some good stuff will find its way to my favorite junk stores.

In other news David is slowly getting better and I am still running. I have thirty pounds to lose and some days it feels like I will never get there. I am trying to remind myself that it will be slow and steady but some times I would prefer fast and immediate. I've lost ten pounds so far and am enjoying the feeling of my clothes being looser. I am also completely excited to look for cheap smaller clothes at the junk store- a goal that is sure to keep me on track!


Debbie said...

All of that is too cute for words, especially the buttons!

I started doing a gym/fitness routine about 3 months ago. I've lost 16 pounds so far, but I feel like I've sweat out a whole lot more than that! I keep telling myself that my old comfy jeans *will* eventually make it off the shelf...

heather v said...

Hi Sarah, I went to HS with David. I love that he promotes your blog...my husband doesn't read mine (says he already knows what happened today)

I love the pitchers...I have two Luray water pitchers which are among my most prized possessions.


Cheryl said...

I was just strolling through your post, laughing at your precious jewels remark, and next thing I know I've got the meep meep meep sound in my head and voices screaming, "Back up you idiot, there are the buttons sandwiched between those shelves of pitchers!" Woohoo and nice job with the colors. Pitchers are kinda cute too.

Good for you for getting healthy. Fast and immediate doesn't last even though it's the preferred method of anoxectics like me. Keeping your head screwed on tightly is the best way to get to where you're going and stay there. I'll just bet the Wii Fit has changed it's snarky tone these days!

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for inviting us inside your lovely home today, Sara! I love all the sweet nooks and crannies in the Shiny Red House.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hi, Sara--Happy New Year! I loved the tour of your house. Buttons rule! And so do red cowboy boots. I've got some, and it's never occurred to me to use them as decor. I'm going to walk them around the house today and see if there's a place for them out in the open. Thanks!

Julie said...

Hi Sara. I like the sad face picture hung near the radiator. What a loud, silent expression of your displeasure. I bet you would find you have lost 30 lbs if you put the pugs down before you weigh yourself. :)

For Left-Handed housewife: Some people make bird houses out of cowboy boots, too. One of the local nursery/yard art places carries them.