Monday, January 18, 2010

Time to rearrange the furniture...again.

Today Rebecca and I suffered through a little something I like to call "Math is hard". That poor child and I spent at least two hours today working through a page of long division. You know what the problem with doing long division is? There are so many places for it to all go wrong. You make it past the division and hope to not screw up the multiplication. You vault the multiplication only to fall flat on your face with the subtraction.

I am going to make a promise to you oh mighty internet.

Rebecca will never be an accountant.

There are some of us for whom math will always be a teeth gnashing struggle and my dear sweet baby girl and I are card carrying members of this sad yet noble group.

The fact that we spent two hours being bullied by long division is probably the reason I decided to start moving furniture at four o'clock this afternoon when I should have been making dinner. It always starts with just a little bit of dusting or straightening up and before you know it the furniture is being dragged across the floor.

It all started upstairs when I decided to hang the Pottery Barn Kids red gingham curtains that I found last week at the junk store for 2.99. The last time I showed you this spot I was showcasing the wonders of buttons. It was time for a change.

Putting that together put me in a good mood which got me moving things around downstairs.

Notice this quilt in the previous picture?

My great grandmother made that quilt! How did she know that red and green would be my accent colors? I love this quilt, love imagining the beds on which it has lain and the family it has kept warm.

Whenever I rearrange my things I always think to myself, "Ah, there. It's perfect. I never want it to change." Then a month goes by and I'm at it again.

Here's a little poll:

How often to you rearrange your furniture?

A. Monthly of course!
B. A few times year.
C. Once a year to make room for the Christmas tree.
D. I have never rearranged my furniture, only people with ovaries do that.

If you are wondering what Lily did today I'll tell you. She devoted a good chunk of her day trying to convince me to go out to the store to buy her beef jerky. Weirdest. Kid. Ever.


Julie said...

My answer is B. Taking out your frustration on the furniture is no way to solve a "problem." Pun intended. There's just one thing I don't get. The giant Mary statue?

Cheryl said...

Okay. I want Mary back. I didn't know that she could be put at the bottom of the staircase waiting to embrace those who are likely to fall down said staircase. Oh wait, she's made of cement...never mind!

That pitcher upstairs is elegant. Onto the list it must go.

Your description of all that can go wrong with long division was beautiful. And sad, since it's all those things that make it so fun too. We who glow when surrounded by numbers, we geeks in the wonderful world of accounting thank you for the promise.

Rearranging furniture is a sure-fire way to guarantee someone in our house is going to fall. It is just not done. It's one of the safety measures in place to protect some of us from ourselves.

Big Bahama Mama said...

My 2nd child loves beef jerky, too. Must be a genetic mutation.

trsf said...

Growing up, it was monthly. I'd rearrange my room very often. Now, not so much. In my head, but I wait for both body & spirit to move me at the same time.
Even the cat is perfectly placed on the stairs!

Pom Pom said...

I love to shove furniture around OFTEN. Beef jerky IS good and I certainly understand strong cravings for it. Your house looks adorable! The curtains are VERY sweet.

Lisa said...

Sorry Lily didn't get her beef jerky! I think she is an original! Your home is lovely. I love your colors. Anyone who picks one style/color theme and sticks with it is amazing to me. I try I really do but I love my junk and am thrilled it really does work together most of the time! Sorry about long division. I had a hard time teaching it. I am not one that has problems with math but my sister is and it is NO fun! Hope you get her through!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

OH! i guess right now I'm a few times a year girl. I kind of go through stages. When I get a group I like I leave it awhile. I am plotting and planning my next move but my mom has to move out first. We are both excited to have more room. We have so much in this little house it is hard to move. I do like it though and the planning is fun too! Right now I need to search for bookshelves. That is what I need most!
Hugs, Lisa

mgster said...

My answer is B. The room I love to change the most is the master bedroom because it is very large. I always love that first night of sleeping in a room that is all different.

Math...I hated it while a student and I still do. I even spent a couple months in summer school for that stupid subject!