Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where, oh where, has my content gone?

Every day around here blurs into the next. I get up and walk the dogs, feed the children, exercise, do laundry, run errands, make lunch, clean up lunch, make dinner, clean up dinner, do more laundry, take a bath, put on my old lady nightgown, play some scrabble with David and go to bed. Somewhere in there I usually educate the children and occasionally buy other peoples trash.

Yesterday I asked David, "Am I boring?"

"Yes" he answered, "but you don't bore me."

I think that what he means is that while my life is very boring, I am entirely too weird to be boring.

I like to read a lot of FBI murder mystery thrillers. These books get me thinking that I might enjoy being an FBI agent. I would carry a gun and be very fit and stealthy. I would get top secret phone calls from important government people about spies and evil dictators. The phone would ring and then a helicopter would appear in my back yard. The president needs me in Washington right away for a briefing!

"You'll have to be in charge of dinner tonight, sweetie!" I would yell to David over the roar of the helicopter blades.

This is the part where the fantasy of my glamorous new life as a crime fighter falls apart because I know that I would never make it into that helicopter. Not only am I terrified of helicopters, I also know that my children would be clutching my legs, crying and begging me not to go.

"But children, the president needs me!" I'd explain.

"No, mommy! We want to be with yooooooou!" they'd cry.

My career would be ruined. No one would want to hire a former FBI agent whose children won't let go of her legs and whose husband can't find the dental floss without her.

So you see, the reason my life is so boring is because of the children. And the dogs. Not to mention the cats. And that laundry isn't just going to wash itself- believe me I've tried.

Being a housewife brings its own urgency and glamor. It's a bit like being the queen over a small but devoted tribe of lunatics who can't help but be constantly on the verge of a revolt. They present me with a daily litany of complaints, most of which are ignored. Every once in a while a petition is granted and hot cocoa is served.

Now that I think about it I quashed at least three rebellions today and granted cookies to my subjects. And I didn't even have to ride a helicopter.

It's good to be queen.


Lisa said...

I think we all have way too much excitement in our lives and need top be happy for the boring days of our lives. I sent home 3 dogs today and my house seems HUGE and empty and my 3 are still here. Believe me I tried to give anyone of them away but NO takers!! One is digging in my couch as I type. Ah the excitement!
I'm glad your family needs you!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

I have finished 3 Greg Iles books. Sounds right up your alley of murder mystery. I prefer to use "kingdom" in lieu of "tribe of lunatics."

Pom Pom said...

Somehow tucked in all those ordinary days there are memories that will completely astound you in fifteen years or so. When you were making cocoa, walking the dogs, enjoying your bath, eternal words are spoken, gestures and actions are imprinted on hearts . . . you are NOT boring. Nothing has grown my character more than the long mornings sitting on the cement steps watching children hula hoop, skate, ride their bikes in circles . . . peanut butter sandwiches instead of power lunches, wrapping kids in blankets as opposed to wrapping up big accounts. The world needs more smart moms like you, Sara.

Ginger said...

Gosh if you think your life is boring, you sure don't want mine. lol
I loved the comments about getting on the helicopter, and you being afraid of one...there is an ad about helicopter school on your side post. LMAO

Anonymous said...

The grass is always greener, right? Your day sounds really nice to me and not boring at all!

Cheryl said...

I love the new header. You done good. As far as the feeb thing goes, keep dreaming (for when dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly).

Anonymous said...

As one who worked for the government and was involved in many an undercover operation I can tell you that these are in no way as exciting or thrilling as outsiders imagine. Yes, a helicopter or light plane was sent for me on several occasions too. I can only tell you that whilst I was being whisked away for a briefing/debriefing I was desperate to be back at home where I 'belonged' and many lonely nights in hotels whilst on an assignment were spent feeling homesick for the laundry, the cooking, my home, my partner. There is nothing in the world that can compensate for that sense of 'being home'.

Anonymous said...

I adore you, FBI mom or just your wacky, amazingly creative self!


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