Friday, December 25, 2009

5:30 am...

That was the time that the children woke up and decided that sleep was for chumps.

By 6:00 I stopped pretending that I was asleep and we woke up David.

Christmas had begun!

Santa left some of his cookie.

Lily's gifts all have green bows.

Rebecca's have red bows.

The stockings were full!

Rebecca likes to empty her stocking slowly, savoring each item. (Notice the handsome cinematographer in the background.)

Lily likes to dump hers on the floor.

My mom sent the girls some of their favorite gifts. Handmade American Girl clothes, including matching jammies for the girls and their dolls.

The girls love them! The craftsmanship is gorgeous.

Check out this coat. My mom used a scarf to make it.

These princess gowns have matching gloves and are fully lined! Amazing!

Remember those fairy dolls that the girls were hoping that Santa would bring?

Here they are! They are so lovely.

This gift from David was my favorite!

We had a perfectly lovely day. The kids played, David napped and I puttered. It was a day of jammies and snuggles and comfort.

I hope that Christmas brought peace and joy to all who celebrate and a day of movies and Chinese food to those who don't.

Merry Christmas and let's bring on 2010!


Lisa said...

Oh what great pics! We have a grouping on the wall of one Christmas and we all look just awake!! (That was from old days when 2 months later you had them developed hehe)
LOVE your mat! What a great Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Oh, your pictures are so cute! Your mom is AWESOME! What lovely little clothes! I got a fairy door for my garden! Your little fairies are charming! David did a good job - LOVE THAT! You're the best, Sara! I see the cute pugs, too! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie! You will have to bring your AG loving girls to meet my AG loving girls. It will be a party. Your mommy did an awesome job. It is no small thing to make a glove for a doll, I know. Big hug to all of you, Mari xoxoxxo

Piecefulafternoon said...

That looks like the loveliest of days - what a fun grandma to get to sew for the dolls and girls. That's what I need - a granddaughter or two to sew doll clothes for.

I agree - bring on the new year - let's have fun!!!!!

Julie said...

At first I was in shock...she called my husband. How else could she know that we did movies (foreign films) and chinese? And then I started to cry...How truly thoughtful you are.

mgster said...

Merry Christmas Sara and family! And it looks like it was. How happy are those faces of your two little cuties! The doll clothes are incredible. Definitely the most high couture clothing any American Doll will ever wear. That coat from a scarf is so beautiful.

Linda Hibner said...

What fun to find your blog! Your home is lovely and your girls just adorable. I loved seeing the doll clothes. Your mother is both thoughtful and talented. I look forward to coming back to visit now that you're on my "favorite" list.
God bless you!