Thursday, December 3, 2009

"It's not a herpe!"

If you saw me at all today then the first thing I probably did was point to my scabby, disgusting lip and say, "It's not a herpe! It's an injury!"

My friends were kind. They pretended that it wasn't completely revolting.

My children told me the truth.

"Mommy! It looks like pus!" said the youngest child, who is always on alert for signs of pus.

"That looks really bad, Mom." said the oldest child.

Luckily my husband is away at the moment so I don't have to add his critique of my lip injury to the list.

It's healing quite nicely because I remembered that I have about a bazillion samples of Lansinoh.

Lansinoh is pure lanolin and is the friend of nursing mothers everywhere. As one friend likes to put it- it's great for lips and nips! It's especially good for this kind of injury because it promotes "moist wound healing". Isn't that the most disgusting phrase on the planet?

Anyway, aside from the moist wound on my lip I had a great day.

The children, I must tell you, were in spectacular moods.

Rebecca chattered away about anything and everything and Lily became very busy playing Barbie Star Wars.

Mostly this consisted of Teddy playing the role of Jabba the Hut and having a Barbie doll tied to his neck.

The real treat of the day came today in the mail.

There was a package!

Notice the return address.

I immediately had a suspicion of what this box might contain. Remember this post?

Check out the fancy label!

Once I opened the package I was giddy.

Inside was a beautiful army of joy.

Eight gorgeous luscious Toblerone bars!

Aren't they beautiful? I have to find a super duper secret hiding spot for them before David comes home.

I am pretty sure that I know who sent these, though the sender did not include a name. All I can say is that every housewife blogger should have such a kind and thoughtful reader. You really brought a lot of fun and cheer into my day and I especially loved the labels. It made me feel kind of famous, but in a good way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


mgster said...

Wow! You must have gone wild when you opened that box! How sweet of someone. Hmmmm...just how long will THAT stash last you?? Remember what I told you...find a covered casserole dish in your cabinet and put your treats in it. Well, at least it works for me because my husband does not cook and would never have reason to take that lid off. I still have about 6 mini Butterfingers in there. And I really am not a mean wife...I buy treats for him (and he also buys them). But this is my emergency-gotta-have-chocolate-and-gotta-have-it-now stash! So enjoy that very special Toblerone. And thanks so much for NOT posting a picture of that thing on your lip. :)

Lisa said...

Oh how great!! I wish I had thought to send you some! You were in a bad place with that! Hope you will hide them good. AND remember to not go digging for them when someone is watching!! Hope your lip is better soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Michael said...

We all sat down for a family meeting. I usually do all the talking while the cats just nod. I explained the situation of the housewife in Massachusetts and where Massachusetts was. I then explained to them where tuna comes from and gave them a hard choice. Claw for tuna coupons in Sunday's paper and chip in to help this poor woman in Massachusetts or go without tuna.

I say never underestimate a cat, the little buggers didn't bring me a single coupon for tuna, but the best sale they could find on Toblerone.

Michael said...
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