Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas junk!

Since today was Friday the girls and I went to Urban Renewals to see what treasures we could unearth.

I have not been finding much really good stuff lately, but I did find a few things that I loved.

In the Christmas section I found two huge bags of ornaments. Usually I don't bother even looking through the Christmas stuff because I have plenty of decorations.

However, there was something in these bags that caught my eye.

Vintage ornaments!

Each bag was .99 and contained a whole bunch of handmade ornaments which I completely fell in love with.

I also found this granny blanket.

Usually these are made out of itchy acrylic, but this one is wonderful. I think that it's real cotton and wool. It needed a bit of mending and when I had it on my lap to mend it it was so warm and wonderful.

It was 4.99.

We may get snow on Sunday.

I see a day involving hot cocoa, a good book and this blanket in my future while David and the kids play in the snow.

December dreamin'...


Piecefulafternoon said...

OH what magical wonderfulness!!!

Ginger said...

You struck the jackpot with the vintage ornaments, and the blanket too.
It's pretty cold here in Utah also, but no new snow since last Saturday. Have fun

Cheryl said...

Since I started visiting SRH, I've been keeping track. Let's review. Along with the sled and tartan blankets, I also want the vintage ornaments. I'll trade the first afghan Memere ever made for the lot.


Pom Pom said...

The vintage ornaments are a WONDERFUL find!
You are so sweet when you talk about the homemade blankets you come across and purchase. It really gives knitting and crocheting a lovely sort of importance, Sara.

Lisa said...

Ok third try to leave a comment! (I'm sure it's my computer) I love the Bell w/snowman!! Too cute!! You got great stuff! Enjoy the snow. At least with homeschooling you will not have to make up snow days! We get yucky snow here. As it has rained all day so we won't even see it coming down here.
Hugs, Lisa