Monday, December 21, 2009

Proof of freakishness...

Today I was thinking about how cute it would be to put all of the gifts that my mom sent us in that old Radio Flyer wagon that I junked this summer. I could just picture it next to the tree. So precious.

It was outside filled with ice, so I went out and spent about ten minutes knocking the ice and dead leaves out of it. Then I dragged it into the house and put it in front of the heater so that the rest of the ice would melt.

Once the ice had melted into dirty puddles on the kitchen floor I wiped it down and placed one of the plaid blankets that I junked this fall into it. Then I methodically placed all of the gifts into the wagon.

I stepped back.

Hmmm. Looks a bit crowded. I'll just slide the tree over a bit.

Hmmm. Still looks kind of weird. I'll try it on the other side of the tree.

Hmmm. This is not working.

I took the wagon back outside and came in the house, carefully avoiding the puddles of dirty water still on the kitchen floor.

Next I went down to the very scary basement and rummaged through my collection of 472 decorative baskets and crates and found a few to bring upstairs.

Once again I placed gifts just so and stepped back.

Hmmm. Better...but not quite right.

Then inspiration! A three foot plant tier would be perfect.

I dragged it over and placed the gifts in it and stepped back.

Ahhhhh. Just right.

And it only took me one hour and a completely disgusting kitchen floor to achieve.

Eat your heart out Martha!


Sullygirl2001 said...

You do Christmas so well!!! I wish I had half of your imaination...I just chuck the gifts under the tree, usually half in the bag after a little too much holiday cheer and hope I don't get caught.
Secretly I hope Santa is real and comes to help make the gifts look pretty ay my house this year!
Hope your family appreciates how much you put into making everything just right!

Pom Pom said...

Sara, the tree is magical and your red all around is picture perfect! Why is the basement scary? Spiders?

Lisa said...

it really looks awesome! I love all your Christmas! The Tree is lovely!! I can spend way too much time and end up with a totally different idea in the end! Glad yours worked out. Hope your kitchen floor is ok!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Sarah A. said...

It's not freakishness at all! It's soooo pretty. The corner our tree is in is the spot where I tried out 12 different paint samples. In June. And I still haven't made up my mind which shade of blue/grey is just right. And the bottom strand of lights has already gone. Otherwise, we're working on perfection :)

lorettepeloquin said...

As usual...your flair for whimsy shines!!

David W. Padrusch said...

Yeah. You're a freak. But it looks magical. Look forward to getting home.


Cheryl said...

Pure magic. The plant stand was inspired and ties it all together for me. You don't have to add that to my list. You ARE keeping track, right? In a codicil to your will would be a good place for that particular list.

David Duford said...

Well done, sara! My wife won't even let me put the gifts that I wrap by the tree until just before the tearing and shredding begins, so as not to destroy the Feng Shui that she has created with her masterfully-wrapped presents. Maybe I should switch to clear tape from the duct tape I usually use...

Anyhoo, beautiful home and blog as usual, Merry Christmas!

Love, cousin Dave

Ginger said...

It looks so pretty with the way you set everything up. I wish you would of taken a picture of the radio flyer next to the tree though...I bet it was cuter than you think.
(I love wagons, can you tell?).
I am laughing at your cousin's comment. Too cute.