Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disaster strikes!

There were so many possible topics about which to blog tonight.

I could tell you about the cool Christmas junk I found today. I could tell you about going to the zoo at night to see lights and reindeer. There's also the time I got Sister Anne fired from Queen of Peace school.

Sadly instead I must tell you that I managed a truly amazing feat.

I fell up the stairs.

I fell up the stairs and smashed my head on the corner of the DVD cabinet and spilled a beautiful salad all over the floor.

I have no idea what I fell on. Usually it's the dogs who are trying to kill me on the stairs, but tonight they were upstairs asleep when I crashed headlong into the furniture.

After falling I tried to salvage my salad and it was while I was picking bits of lettuce off the floor that I noticed that my head was wet.

I reached up to brush it away and realized that my hand was covered in blood.

A head wound!


Christmas will have to go on without me!

I called David who was working in his office.

"I have split my head open and am bleeding. I may need stitches. The presents are in the basement!"

In he dashed to evaluate my wound.

Luckily, not only will I live, I will not need stitches.

The bleeding stopped.

Christmas is saved.

For now...


Cheryl said...

Oh honey, you are so far behind the familial curve on this one. Sorry about the head wound, but injury comes with the whole falling-up/down-the-stairs gig. I think I managed to STOP doing it at about your age. Worst experience falling up ~ high school. I hated HS to begin with, and that episode, well let's just say it explains a whoooole lot about who I am today.

Pom Pom said...

Why do you tease me with the mention of Sister Anne and Queen of Peace school? Story, please.

Sullygirl2001 said...

I too want you to tell the Sister Ann story...I love it so!!!

Julie said...

What horrible disfiguring injury did you give to Sister Ann? Do your daughters have this "lucky" trait, too?

Amy. said...

It's a good thing you completed your last Christmas will and testament in the case of just such an eventuality!!

Hope you're not too sore today--in my experience falling up stairs (often there are slippery socks involved?), there is some delayed pain in terms of your muscles all clenching at once when you hit.

Ginger said...

I was thinking the same thing that Amy said, good thing you already did the last will and testament for Christmas. Glad you are alright and will live to post about the story of Sister Anne.