Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love winter.

The cold, the snow, the way the light is so much brighter.

Last night we had our first real snow fall. Only about four inches, but it is heavy wet snow so it coated everything in white elegance.

Guess what?

As of today I am all done with all holiday shopping. The Hanukkah gifts are even wrapped and labeled.

I rock a little bit apparently.

Yesterday we decorated the tree which was very lovely, right until the moment that the girls started giving each other wedgies.

Just another typical day here at Shiny Red Houses.


mgster said...

Very impressed with you, Sara! But you are making me nervous. I have not finished my shopping. And I have not wrapped a single thing. But I did decorate the tree...TWICE! The first time I spent lots of time and hung each ornament with such care. I sang along to my Grinch CD. It was just perfect. A couple hours later our two kittens decided the tree was their latest toy...I guess. Down it came! Actually it landed kind of quietly...on the couch. So I redecorated it...with not very much care while these two demon little kitties watched. It is now tied with fishing string to the wall. So...perhaps tomorrow I will have regained my Christmas cheer and try to wrap a few gifts. I will use you as my inspiration. LOL And, yes, the snow was beautiful. Only one inch here. Your pictures are AMAZING!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Your blog always makes me smile!

Cheryl said...

Lovely pictures of a dastardly event. I was so chagrined by the snowfall, I couldn't snap one shot. I tried, but I just couldn't do it.

Pom Pom said...

Your pictures are lovely, Sara!
You DO rock! Way to go!

Ginger said...

Your pictures are beautiful. It looks so peaceful.
Wow, it must be all that energy you have...great job to have everything done.

Lisa said...

What is a holiday with out siblings giving each other wedgies!! That is so great! So I know your girls go to Hebrew School, and you do Christmas, So are they getting both? Or do you just do Christmas for fun? We have Jewish friends who did Christmas every year because they just loved it. My cousin has married a Jewish girl and it will be interesting to see what they pick for the kids. She didn't do Christmas until they were married but I don't think she practiced much before either. So if you want I'd love to hear about all your family does.
Hugs, Lisa