Monday, December 14, 2009

Ready for disaster...

I have an announcement to make.

I have finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts that need to be wrapped and I am sending my mom's package out in the mail tomorrow.

I have decided to forgo Christmas cards because now that I have this blog I can just "Merry Christmas!" "Happy Hanukkah!" and "Happy New Year!" from here.

Our Christmas menu has been decided upon, all that is needed is one grocery shop. Easy peasey.

I am done! Ready! Prepared! Ten days before Christmas!

I am not being boastful.

The nuns did not teach me to be boastful. I am merely thanking the universe for not striking me down with any vicious flu's or ailments before I had everything in place.

The fate of Christmas depends upon me tending to all of the little details and one flu bug, one disaster can blow it.

Now I can rest easy knowing that even if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, my babies will still have Christmas.

Except that David doesn't know where I hid everything...

Maybe I should write down instructions. Where everything is, what Santa likes to eat, what to leave for the reindeer... Sort of like a Christmas Last Will and Testament!

What if I get sick before passing on this critical information? Christmas will be ruined!

I have to go...

I have a list to make!


David W. Padrusch said...

Sugar cookies and milk, carrots and the presents are in the basement.
What kind of Jew do you think I am? Duh.
Moo :-)

Piecefulafternoon said...

You crack me up!!! Hope the list is in a place where David can find it - or Santa can. And let's hope there is no bus heading your way!!!

Ginger said...

Okay, this post did I am laughing too hard and someone in this house is going to think I am nuts, sitting here at my computer, laughing alone.
I love David's comment too.

Pom Pom said...

Now that you are all ready, you can make something with glitter, watch White Christmas, brew up some Fantasy Fudge, buy yourself a little love gift, and go sit on Santa's lap. Three more days until I have to Wii. I don't wanna.
Thank you for the Tasha Tudor book suggestion. I like to go to the Tasha web site and gaze around. I like her prints and I really should buy one. Tasha Tudor's Garden = gorgeous!
Yes, I'll have to put the seasons book on my wish list! I have had many years of Christmas elf responsibilities and I have never been sick or hit by a bus, but I did worry about it a bit. It sounds like David has it covered! God bless him.
You should tell more nun stories.

David Duford said...

Of course, after you got hit by the bus, you could always appear to David like Obi Wan Kenobi did to Luke on Hoth, to let him know everything he needed to know about Santa and the gifts.

"David, you must go to the basement junking system. There you will learn from the junk master where the hidden secrets lie. Use the for...klift!"

Lisa said...

I do get that you want it all together so you can now wait for the disaster to come. A sore throat for Lily would put you back for sure! Not hoping for one!!! I do Hope you got your list done!
Hugs, Lisa

Robin said...

I just love your blog because you make me laugh. I always get a pick me up when I stop by. Thanks for the humor.


Julie said...

Any faithful reader knows the presents are being guarded by the family spider. There's also picture proof that David knows how to clean the kitchen and light a menora. They will obviously have to survive off the hidden supply of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

You validate so many of my anxieties. I sent hubby an email with the exact location of the AG dolls just in case I get kidnapped by terrorists at the courthouse. I also would hate to think my babies would have to go without just bc of a little technicality like my well-being. You are a good mama. xoxo Mari