Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In which I am cranky about my basement...

Well, the rain stopped. Finally.

And my basement never got more than an inch of water, unlike poor Amy whose family was jolted awake at 4am yesterday to the sound of the fire alarm and the smell of smoke. The water in her basement crested at about a foot at which time it shorted out the furnace and sent plumes of oil smoke into the house.

You'll be happy to know that her basement is now on its way to dryness and her furnace has defied all odds and healed itself.

My basement is also drying out. David spent a few hours down there today cursing my treasures and peeling up all of the foam flooring which I put down to try to minimize the dust from my disintegrating basement floor.

My basement floor most closely resembles clay mud. It's dirty, it's damp and resists all of my efforts to make it even slightly unhorrible. I need to do laundry but I don't want to go down there. This is America. You shouldn't have to wear wellies to do laundry in America!

Tomorrow I will be spending part of the day washing all of my foam flooring pieces and then drying all of my foam flooring pieces so that once my basement is done being such a jerk I can lay my flooring and wait for the next flood so that I can do it all again.

I might be a little cranky.

The sun was out today and Lily and I counted five crocuses in the yard and that almost made me forgive the basement for being so wretched. Almost, but not really.


Lisa said...

I am glad you saw flowers! I am so sorry you and your friend have had such a time with your basements! That stinks! Hope you are both back to normal soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Sarah A. said...

I grew up with a basement like that. Sometimes I really miss it because I need space for all my stuff, but your troubles makes me glad for big closets and a stuffy, spidery attic.
Hope the weather stays nice so you all can just stay outside, enjoy the flowers, and forget about laundry!

mgster said...

I'm so sorry for your wet basement! I have made countless trips down my basement stairs to check for "wetness". So far so good here. But, hey, the sun came out!

Anonymous said...

I was being the nosy neighbor from Cincinnati. I took a look at the USGS map and I don't think it's possible to buy a flatter piece of land in America. And with that giant rain collector in the backyard, a sump pump looks to be in your future.

But look on the bight side. The lady of the house back in 25 did laundry out back in a tin tub with a wooden wash board.

Julie said...

You should read some Charles Dickens. He uses words like "wretched." I bet he could describe your basement perfectly.