Sunday, March 14, 2010

In which I solve mysteries...

I'm kind of a weird chick.

The weirdness manifests itself in all kinds of ways which I will not be sharing with the internet tonight. There is however, one bit of weirdness that I feel I should share, because I am not completely sure how to interpret it.

I like to sleep with my window open a bit. At least half an inch in bitterly cold weather, but more often I have it open several inches. I have a window directly behind my head and I love to be cozy and warm in bed and feel the cold air on my face.

Here in Boston we are having a Nor' Easter, which means that there has been wind and rain for days. Last night before bed I put most of my hair in a top knot, opened my window a bit and went to sleep.

I woke up this morning and made my way to the shower. Once there I removed the doodad from my hair to discover that my hair was damp.

I thought back to the night before. I was certain that it was dry when I went to bed. How odd.

After my shower I went back to my bed and investigated my pillow, which curiously enough, was also damp.

There was only one explanation.

I was rained on in the night and did not notice it.

What does this mean? Shouldn't a sensible adult notice when they are being rained on? How could I have possibly slept through this? What else is happening in the night of which I am not aware?

It's a disturbing thought.

Once I realized that I had, in fact, been rained on, I knew that I needed to check the basement for water. As of two days ago it had finally dried out and the dehumidifiers were no longer bankrupting me with their electricity consumption. I tentatively made my way down the basement stairs to.... an inch of water. An inch of water which I very much did notice thank you very much.

I came back upstairs and alerted David to the situation. Then I demanded that he go see for himself.

"Why do I have to go see it? You just told me that there's water." he said.

"Yes, but I don't want to be the only one worrying about it and if you don't actually see it, it will be like it isn't there." I said.

"Woman, you are insane, but fine, I will go look." he said and headed to the basement.

When he came back up he looked appropriately concerned and I was satisfied in the way only a housewife can be. Now we must wait for the rain to stop, hopefully by Tuesday and we must hope that the water does not rise.

Some people have been asking for an ark. Me, I think my problems will be nicely solved with a sump pump and a shower cap.


ENNID said...

Have you had anyone check your gutters? Our handyman solved our eternal water in the basement problems by redirecting the water away from the house!

Lisa said...

YUCK!! How could you not be concerned about water! Are all your goodies down there ok? I hope it stops soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Valley Girl said...

Oh my pete...I wet myself when I read this post. I even had to reread it....the smile was good!!
As I started I thought "no, no she is not odd, I love the window open too." I love it nice and cold with weight on me. I can't have that now with a special little one...but if I had my way...there would be fresh air at ALL times.

However the wet hair set me on a laughing fit...

I adore you and your stories.
And yes David should have to worry with you!

You guys are perfect!

Vallley + Madigan

Julie said...

I thought maybe someone was playing little tricks on you, like putting your hand in warm water while you're sleeping. Sorry bout your basement. Sucky.

mgster said...

LOL! Ya little wet head you! I can just picture that rain sprinkling you while you dream away! :)