Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking Back the Basement...

Day One:

I made a rule for myself to help me make the tough choices. If I can't find a place for it, I have to get rid of it. Exceptions are Christmas and Halloween decorations. Today I dragged two bookshelves, a bishops chest, a wicker trunk and a desk into the living room and put them to use.

Do you like how you can see the vacuum cleaner in that shot as well as the heap of tablecloths on the dining room table? I'm all about keeping it real. If those bookcases weren't made of cheap pressed board I would paint them red to match the tv cabinet. Sometimes you just have to know when it's not worth the paint.

See that cute little desk in the corner? I dragged that baby up my rickety termite eaten basement steps all by myself.

The dogs will now be sleeping underneath said cute desk.

The bishops chest to the left of the piano? Also dragged that up the stairs all by myself. My mom bought me that piece about fifteen years ago. I think I may paint that...

I moved the black and white rug which had been in the living room and put it in the dining room and I absolutely love it there. While I was in the dining room I took care of a little project that has been on my mental to-do list for months.

We keep this little table in the dining room for the kids to sit at while they paint and do crafts. It gets a lot of use and is covered with paint. I have some oilcloth that I have been planning to use to cover it with.

This project took about five minutes to complete and I feel kind of stupid for putting it off for so long. I just used my staple gun to staple it to the underside of the table. Voila! No more paint smears!

The basement is now far more manageable. Now that I have removed a lot of the big pieces I need to go back down there and start pulling things to get rid of.



Lisa said...

Well done you! I do wish I had a few more book shelves! I like how you made it all work.
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

Very nice! Piano bench...hmmm...needs something...lots of white going on over there.

Valley Girl said...

Oh Dear Sara can I come live with YOU!!
If not will you come help me paint everything I own!!!

Thanks for the pictures....I'm dreaming of a great house!!


Anonymous said...

Cute! xoxox Mari

mgster said...

Your house is just so family friendly! I absolutely love that. You make me feel very lazy. Although I did drag out a couple of deck chairs from the toolshed...but that was just so I could sit outside and read on this gorgeous day! By the way...we have the save vacumn cleaner.

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