Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Pit of Despair or Three Hours in the Basement...

Oh my god.

People, I am so tired.

After a great weekend of 70 degree temperatures, a fancy Saturday night date with David and a joyful twenty-fifth anniversary celebration at our synagogue I ended the weekend with three hours in the dungeon.

Some people would call it a basement, but it is definitely a dungeon.

I took out some furniture and a rug to bring to a consignment store along with two big plastic containers of miscellaneous pitchers and trinkets. I filled six garbage bags of crap that was too dusty, musty or gross to give away and another six bags of whatnot to give to Goodwill.

I sprayed the damp areas with Tilex and I am happy to say that the basement no longer smells musty. It is however, still gross.

Now that I have removed most of the obvious things that had to go, I must fine tune a few areas. The area where my tools are is a disaster and can be significantly condensed.

I don't want to talk about where I keep all of my leftover paint. I'm not feeling that brave.

I also made an executive decision today. I love to read The Pioneer Woman's blog and I'd be a big lying liar if I did not admit to you that her style of homeschooling is one which has inspired me. I love the pictures of her kids feeding the livestock on the ranch and castrating the cattle between spelling and math lessons.

It made me realize that if Ree can put her kids to work while homeschooling then dangnabit so can I!

I decided that this week will be Spring Cleaning Week. The children will play an important role in the cleaning, purging and organizing of Shiny Red Houses. We'll sort through the attic and purge the toy shelves. They'll clean up the dog poop from the yard and bag all 457 foam flooring tiles that are currently strewn about my backyard.

We will work as womenfolk have worked since the dawn of time, making our cave habitable and rewarding ourselves with the sustenance of chocolate. We will be mighty warriors. We will be feared.


Anonymous said...

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Valley Girl said...

Yeah for Sara!!!
Ummm I will ask for you Sara...anonymous??? What was your college assignment on??
Please not child labor!!
Love ya Sara....even if we've never're my kinda mom/gal!!!

Valley + Madigan

Anonymous said...

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Jo said...

Sara, you are the goddess of decluttering, and child labour? I am all for it. Bribery works wonders, and so do ear plugs for the whining.