Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The plagues...

So we were all ready for our Seder tonight.

We had our plague puppets.

What? Your religious holiday does not include finger puppet depictions of boils and cattle plague? No dead baby boys and fierce lions next to your plate?

Lily made place cards.

Bless her sweet little heart.

Fierce animals.

Locusts and blood.

More blood.


Hail, though I think that they look more like boils.

Unhappy Pharoah. Ass kicking Moses.

The brisket was in the oven and the chicken soup was done.

It has been raining for about 24 hours and this morning I noticed that once again our basement was being a total jerk by allowing water to seep in.


I was not about to allow a little water to ruin my Jewish good time. I spoke with my stepmom and we came up with a route that seemed safe for them and plowed ahead.

It was at this point that I started paying more attention to the weather report. More specifically I learned that a state of emergency had been declared and that not only is the flooding widespread, parts of Route 95, the very route I recommended, were expected to be closed.

I called my folks, who luckily had not driven very far and told them to go back home.

We rescheduled. For Easter Sunday. Cause that's the kind of crazy Jews we are.

In the meantime we are working on devising our own set of plagues.

1. Basement flooding.
2. David snoring.
3. Dog anal gland leakage.
4. Dust bunnies.
5. 100 Calorie chocolate theft.
6. Cat vomit.
7. Sties.
8. Abscesses.
9. Bugs of all kinds.
10. Market Basket grocery store.

I think I know what our next homeschooling project will be. I see pus and cat vomit finger puppets in our future...


Lisa said...

Love your plagues!
Hope the rain stops!

Julie said...

Ear infections, colds, and those other mysterious diseases your girls get should be on the list. Disturbing puppets.

Anonymous said...

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Valley Girl said...


On our way for hmmmm 6th spinal surgery in her oh so tender age....so point is I won't be able to smile at your posts until next week. Have a beautiful Holiday!!
You make me smile...puppets are....well yes disturbing!

ps what did the post above me say....was it a curse? *wink!!
Hugs Sara!!
Valley + Madigan

Amy. said...

The placecards are priceless. That girl is an evil genius. This is a top-5 blog post. xo

Sarah A. said...

Wow. I want a religion with finger puppet plagues and placecards of destruction! Seriously, best wishes for an end to rain and hopes that your parents can get there safely. On Easter Sunday. It's a 2-for-1, right?
Homeschool plagues: running out of printer ink, being lazy, winter, getting organized.

Karen said...

Um, a plague of LIONS? What kind of haggadah do you guys use anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Oh MY! I cannot stop laughing :D

Those finger puppets are awesome!