Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unexpected lovliness...

Today should have been one of those horrible days where the kids do nothing but wander around the house whining and carrying on and I become increasingly cranky and threaten to beat them with my shoes.

My reserves are low because of a strange cough virus which seems to be accompanied by muscle tightness around the back of my rib cage. Basically, I need to cough but I can't take a breath deep enough to do it properly.

The children's reserves are low because they stayed up late last night, determined to not sleep a wink until I returned from a dinner out with friends.

Do you like how I just threw that out there like I eat out all the time? Amy and I were both invited out to this dinner and it went against our most serious anti-social tendencies. Somehow we put on our big girl pants and went out to dinner like the grownups do and had a wonderful time, though you must know that we rhapsodised the entire way home about how wonderful it would be to get back to our warm beds.

So today had all of the ingredients for a day of great unpleasantness: tired children and a sick and tired mother. Add school work and allow to stew until the screaming begins.

The morning did include Lily screaming that under no circumstances was she tired and would I stop bringing it up because it was making her mad. And then she cried.

Somehow the schoolwork got done and then we all read for a while. Then Rebecca made lunch for her sister. I paid Rebecca $6 to clean the bathrooms and another $1 to vacuum the stairs. Nothing puts that kid in a good mood like capitalism and I was delirious for having avoided the task.

Then Lily and I snuggled and we all read some more. We had dinner at 5pm and the table was cleared by 5:25.

For the past two hours the girls have been playing with their teddy bears, an elaborate game involving broken bones, hospitals and many wardrobe changes.

This is the part where I go on a bit about homeschooling.

It's not like this for everyone. I know that.

But I have to tell you, and I whisper it as I do, but the change in these children and the way in which they relate to each other since we have started homeschooling is extraordinary.

There is all this time for them to be with each other, to discover each other again. They play and they bicker, but the quality of their play, the laughter makes me ache. They are so happy, so stinking happy. It makes them very easy to be with.

I imagined when we started homeschooling that I'd feel shackled, ready to chew my own leg off to escape and have a few moments to myself. It has not been like that. It has been the opposite- I adore being with them.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. I love this life.


Lisa said...

Oh i love a happy ending! Glad you can find the wonder in each day!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

Very sweet. I really hope you don't have (pneumonia)...shh. I do hope you're feeling better soon.

Sabrina Reinhart said...

Thank you for sharing! I homeschool my 5.5 and 4 yr. old (loosely with the 4). People always comment, "I couldn't do it, I would go crazy being with them all the time". Truth be told, I love it, and I love the relationship my boys have. I too am very grateful for this opportunity (though somedays I do feel a bit crazy).

Debbie said...

I didn't homeschool my own, but I very much agree by observation. I taught in a school with a inclusion program for homeschooled kids. They came for various classes or activities of their own choosing. Consistantly, they were a HAPPY and well adjusted bunch.

And always well "socialized" too. Anything contrary to that is just a myth.

Glad you found a good fit.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I'm yearning for some home-schooling, myself. I love that you love your life. :) It's refreshing just to read about your happiness and that wonderful Quirky Sara lingo I know and love. :)
Oh - please see a doctor about your breathing/rib cage issue; it worries me greatly. Love, Ms. TT

mgster said...

How wonderful that home schooling has become ever more than you expected! Oh, and that you did not have to chew off your own leg. That would have been awful...just awful. :)

Have a wonderful was 62 degrees here in CT. YEAH!!!!!!!!!

mgster said...

oops! Should have proofread what I was NOT 62 here in CT! I thermometer read 52.

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Lori E said...

You homeschool AND read doorsixteen? Jeepers, were we separated at birth? I found your blog in the comments at PW's website at the end of Mrs. G's article. I will be back. Oh yes, I will...

Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Sara. I'm new to your blog. I know that the creepin' cruddy cough that's been going around our neck o' the woods is bronchitis. And yes, it does feel like your muscles can't do what they need to. If you can get in to the doc for a little check-in, it could help you a lot.

One mom to another (and I managed not to use my shoes on my kids, either!)
--Glori B.