Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take that you soul sucking boulder!

Ha! The attic- it's my bitch.

Yes, that's right. I swore. On my pretty mommy blog. But this is not a time to be delicate.

It didn't look good this morning. The kitchen floor was filthy. My room was full of the crap which my attic regurgitated. The porch was full of black garbage bags.

I was despondent. Hopeless even. But I went back to the attic anyway. I finished the sorting, pulled out some more crap, swept the floor and declared it Good.

I made a trip to the Goodwill truck where I deposited ten bags of crappy crap crap.

I went to grocery store and replenished my stock of Skinny Cow cones.

Once I came home I had coffee and ice cream and prepared to tackle my room.

Another wave of hopelessness. Must. Push. Through.

Continued sorting, bagging and putting away. I could see the floor! And my bed!

Assigned jobs to the children.

Lily got tupperware organizing duty. She quit after ten minutes. "It's too hard!"

Sat her down and reviewed the terms of her residency here at Shiny Red Houses. Explained that "work" is called "work" because it is hard and often unpleasant. She got back to work.

By 2pm my bed had clean sheets and the floor was swept. The dishwasher was humming and the washing machine was playing backup.

In between schlepping children to dance and Hebrew school I washed the kitchen floor.

I still have more to do. I'll finish going through the kid's toys tomorrow and get things ready to bring to consignment on Thursday.

Victory may be sweet, but victory is also exhausting.


Valley Girl said...

If you read Madigan's site well you know what we are doing....
In the midst of our saddness I turn to YOU for a smile. Glad we have met....sort of!!
Now about me moving in...you never really gave it another thought did ya??
Really, I was getting ready for another long day tomorrow but I had to check on The Shiny Red House first.
Keep up that good work!!

Cheryl said...

What a great ride this was! I'd love to see the terms of residency at SRH. Great line. So glad you finally came out of the cursing closet ~ you're right, it had to be done.

Julie said...

What an easy gig to live your house. Sort tupperware? Dream job. Guess you'll have to tell Lily the job of goddess is already taken. Please post finished pics.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Just found out about this blog on Godiva! Sounds like you deserve a tower of it (just make sure you don't save the boxes) ;)
~Stacy S.